Mikami / Kamiya
Image: Nintendo Life

Shinji Mikami and Hideki Kamiya, who both left their respective companies in 2023, are set to host a joint conversation on their careers and future plans at the Archipel Caravan Festival in Tokyo on December 16, 2023.

As reported by VGC, the talk, simply dubbed ‘Shinji Mikami x Hideki Kamiya’, will also see the legendary developers discuss their creative thinking, likely pulling anecdotes from their time together at Capcom working on the Resident Evil franchise.

Here's what the Archipel Caravan website states:

"In this conversation, the two, who retired from their previous jobs in 2023, will begin by sharing their memories of their respective careers, as well as their creative thinking and future plans."

As a reminder, Shinji Mikami left his previous studio Tango Gameworks in February 2023 after working on titles such as The Evil Within, Ghostwire Tokyo, and Hi-Fi Rush. Hideki Kamiya, meanwhile, left his position at PlatinumGames in October, after contributing to titles such as the Bayonetta trilogy, The Wonderful 101, and Sol Cresta.

The pair are well known for their work on the Resident Evil franchise, with Shinji Mikami directing the original 1996 Resident Evil and its 2002 remake, along with the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4. Hideki Kamiya was brought on board to direct Resident Evil 2, a game widely considered to be one of the finest entries in the franchise, before directing the original Devil May Cry.

Could this joint talk signal a blossoming reunion between the two developers? Time will tell, but we're certainly excited to see more.

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