Fae Farm
Image: Phoenix Labs

Nintendo has revealed its next free game trial for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Europe: Fae Farm. It will be ripe and ready for picking tomorrow from 22nd-28th November.

We had a great time with this one when it bloomed onto consoles earlier this year, finding particular enjoyment in the gorgeous visuals, lengthy playtime and sheer number of things to do — even if the NPCs aren't the liveliest companions out there.

If it sounds even remotely up your street, then why not try it out for free over the next few days and see if it sticks?

The game trial will give you full access to Fae Farm for the trial's duration at no extra cost and you are able to get it downloaded right now (though you won't be able to start playing until tomorrow).

For those who want to dive right in, the game is currently available in the European Nintendo eShop Black Friday sale with a 25% discount.

Will you be trying out Fae Farm on NSO? Plant your thoughts in the comments.

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