Update [Tue 28th Nov, 2023 14:45 GMT]: EarthBound, USA is now available for digital rental from Fangamer.

For $7, you'll be able to watch the long-awaited documentary, which highlights the online community that's built around cult SNES RPG EarthBound over the years. It's an examination of the power of online communities and fandom, and the impact that Shigesato Itoi's series has had on its fans.

The documentary includes interviews with Itoi, Gail Tilden (formerly of Nintendo of America), and many of the people behind the hugely popular EarthBound fansite Starman.Net, including Mother 3 fan translator Clyde Mandelin. The film was directed by Jazzy Benson, who works at Fangamer. And it's worth noting that Fangamer was created y many of the people behind Starman.Net, including co-founder Reid Young.

Once you've bought the rental, you'll have 72 hours to watch it from the time of activation. For details on how to watch the documentary, head on over to the EarthBound, USA page on Fangamer. And for more details on the movie itself, check out the documentary's official website.

Original article [Fri 28th Jul, 2023 10:15 BST]: An EarthBound documentary ten years in the making will debut on November 27th, 2023, examining the power of online communities and how an EarthBound fansite gained remarkable traction while "butting heads with corporate goliaths".

Christened 'EarthBound USA', the documentary will be available via the Fangamer website and has been created by writer and director Jazzy Benson after starting life in 2013 as a passion project. Coming in at roughly 100 minutes, the documentary will features exclusive interviews from the following:

- Shigesato Itoi ( MOTHER Series Creator)
- Gail Tilden (Former Director of Publications Nintendo of America)
- Tomato (Starmen.Net co-founder / MOTHER 3 Fan Translation)
- Reid Young (Starmen.Net & Fangamer co-founder)
- Peer Schneider (Chief Content Officer IGN)
- Andy Myers (Former Writer Nintendo Power Magazine)
- Steve Demeter (Neo DemiForce Fan Translation Team)
- Marcus Lindblom (Localization Director of MOTHER 2 )
- and Reid’s parents (who didn’t understand any of it)

If you're after more EarthBound goodness, then be sure to also check out our extensive look into the game and its history from our lovely video producer, Zion.

Will you be checking out Earthbound USA when it launched in November? Let us know with a comment down below.

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