Sea of Stars was released over a month ago now, and it's safe to say that it'll be featuring on many a gamer's GOTY list come December. Sabotage's RPG is a gorgeous, gloriously clever homage to 16-bit classics that manages to modernise things while adding its own unique spirit to the formula.

The game was in development for several years, and back when the project went through a round of crowdfunding, Zion — one of our lovely video team — took the opportunity to have a memorial put in the game's Crypt. This wouldn't be just a stock headstone with some vetted text message, but rather a custom-made statue created by the art team according to specific requests and instructions.

Thinking of who might make for an appropriate 'Hero to be Worshipped' — someone deserving of a sizeable digital monument — Zion picked a much-loved and respected industry figure who is sadly no longer with us. Choosing several items to represent this person, Zion recently ventured into the Crypt to find the statue dedicated to a Nintendo legend.

Nintendo-relevant banana
Excuse the bruising, it was the only banana we had in the house — Image: Nintendo Life

For people who haven't guessed, we won't spoil the surprise with further clues here, but check out Zion's video above if you're after a heartwarming little tribute on an October morning.