If you've been longing for a game that channels the spirit of Pushmo and its sequels, then you might want to keep an eye on Bearded Ants' upcoming eShop release, PictoPull.

Boasting 150 levels spread across a variety of biomes, you'll need to shift blocks around to create platforms in order to reach the top. Bearded Ants describes the game as "easy to learn and difficult to master", which sounds pretty good to us.

Here's a look at the official eShop description:

Each puzzle in PictoPull is created from pixel art. Puzzles are simple to learn, but complex to master as you learn how to create new paths, bridge gaps and understand the connections between the special block types. As puzzles get larger and more detailed, you’ll discover new mechanics to keep the fun going!

* 150 Story Levels spread across 10 unique environments, from beaches to futuristic laboratories, and even a construction site
* Puzzles come in many shapes, some inspired by real-world objects, animals, monsters, locations and more
* Work your way through puzzles with twists on the gameplay such as opposite blocks, union blocks and timer blocks

PictoPull is launching on the Switch eShop on October 3rd, 2023 in the US (yes, that's tomorrow at the time of writing), and today in Europe.

Will you be checking out Pictopull? Are you hoping for a new game in the Pushmo / Pullblox franchise? Let us know.