Square Enix Collective has announced that it will be bringing the adorably creepy horror adventure game Little Goody Two Shoes to Switch and other consoles on 31st October 2023.

Developed by AstralShift, best known for the RPGMaker title Pocket Mirror, Little Goody Two Shoes puts you in charge of a young girl's daily life. You need to help Elise manage every single aspect of her life, from bonding with friends to keeping her fed.

The latter part is important because once the moon rises, you need to keep Elise's sanity and her hunger in check as she explores the woods. During Witching Hour, you'll need to navigate this spooky forest by solving puzzles in order to grant Elise's biggest desires.

There's a demo available to download on Steam right now, but make sure you check out the launch trailer and have a look at some brand-new screenshots of the game:

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