At the end of last month, the fantasy-themed ARPG Gothic Classic was released on the Nintendo Switch.

THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes have now rolled out the very first patch for this version of the game and it comes loaded with a bunch of fixes and improvements. Here's the rundown:

Gothic Classic - Switch Patch 1 (October 16th, 2023)


  • Fix for Black Goblins not moving
  • Ladders fixed
  • Fix for bugs with NPCs floating and walking in the air
  • Script: Cor Calom is casting sleep too fast when lockpicking his chest
  • Script: Fix for Snipes attacking Nameless hero when opening Aarons chest
  • If the Nameless One is defeated he loses his weapon. It falls out of NPCs and NPCs can pick it up.
  • Fix for looting stacked items
  • The Chromanin quest can now be completed.
  • When restarting a save, quick access items retain their correct quantity.
  • Fixes for bow fighting
  • Characters no longer get stuck running on tables.
  • UI: Item scale and FOV fixed (rings are now correctly displayed in the inventory)
  • No map image in map menu fixed
  • Fixed trading rounding error when transferring multiple items
  • Fixed all cases of incorrect behaviour when trading
  • Fixed for NPC freezing in ranged weapon mode when loading a savegame
  • Fix for using of the lute and horn out of the inventory
  • Fixed a bug when sprinting
  • Fixed display of bleeding.
  • Fixed an exploit with multiplying fire damage.
  • Spell title drawing fixed.
  • Magic circle drawing fixed.
  • Fist drawing fixed
  • Script: Fix for Lester not having the correct dialogues at the mountain fort
  • Script: Fix for Diegos dialogue bugging out when killing enemies prematurely on his focus quest
  • Script: Fixed a quest blocker with Thorus


  • Spell title is displayed at the top of the Magic circle UI
  • FOV improved for widescreen resolutions
  • Disabling Sneak mode is now also called via B
  • Added correct scaling of dialog windows in handheld and screen mode.
  • Localization corrections have been made.
  • Corrections have been made to display rain.
  • Camera mode legend added.
  • Added new map design and focus.
  • Throw item action implemented in Inventory.
  • UI of dialog boxes has been corrected.

And in case you missed it, THQ Nordic has announced the game's sequel Gothic II will be coming to the Switch in November.

Have you tried out Gothic on the Switch yet? What are your thoughts so far? Tell us below.

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