Deltarune - Toby Fox
Image: via Nintendo

Undertale creator Toby Fox this week released another free newsletter providing a new update on the next chapter in the Deltarune series.

The official "status update" on Chapter 3 is the team is currently hard at work on it and the chapter is now "playable from beginning to end". Unfortunately, it's not quite finished just yet, but they are slowly getting there:

Toby Fox: "Can't say it's finished yet, but the unfinished parts are certainly seeming less and less numerous. That's good because try as I might to sleep, until the game is finished, I'll see nothing but nightmares..."

Toby also went into some detail about a "stealth-focused section in the game" that apparently didn't make the cut. The song that was going to be used for this part has also been shared online if you want to have a listen.

"Earlier, we were considering having a stealth-focused section in the game where you would slowly, slowly sneak around certain areas. After developing some concepts, we realized a mechanic which basically just makes you move slower isn't necessarily fun."

Last but not least, Undertale is now officially eight years old! Toby says he doesn't have "much energy for a wild and crazy event this year", so apart from this newsletter update, there's nothing special happening. You can check out some "sleepy-themed goods" on Fangamer like the new Toriel slippers. Undertale has also been available on the Switch eShop since 2018.

So, there you go then - Deltarune Chapter 3 is getting there and it is now playable from start to finish, with a release hopefully on the horizon.

Will you be playing this next chapter when it shows up on Switch? Have you played the previous chapters and Undertale? Tell us in the comments.