If the official Pokémon forums weren't already enough in one week, The Pokémon Company has today launched a brand new show on YouTube known as 'Beyond the Pokédex'.

It's hosted by Spruce and Maple and will be taking a "deeper look" at what makes every Pokémon unique from #1 (Bulbasaur) to 1000 (Gholdengo) "and beyond". These pocket monsters will be examined through video games, animation, the trading card game, manga and more.

This first episode, as mentioned in the tweet above, focuses in on the water-type Sobble - who is first encountered in the Nintendo Switch game Pokémon Sword and Shield as a starter Pokémon. You can see the full comprehensive episode in the video above.

In somewhat related news, The Pokémon Company also recently launched official forums. Unfortunately, it hasn't gone quite as smoothly - with a lot of questionable threads and not enough moderation. You can catch up on this story in our previous coverage:

What did you think of this first episode of Beyond the Pokédex? Let us know in the comments.