Do you remember earlier this month when people spotted that a blatant clone of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us had appeared on the Switch eShop, lovingly titled The Last Hope - Dead Zone Survival? We didn't think much of it at an initial glance — heck, the £0.99 price tag didn't fill us with hope — but the tech experts at Digital Foundry have taken it a step further and have actually subjected themselves to playing the game.

In the outlet's latest video, John Linneman puts The Last Hope through its paces and it's fair to say that it is bad. Really bad. In fact, Digital Foundry even goes as far as to say that it is "the worst game we've ever reviewed," with "no redeemable features whatsoever" — yikes.

So, what is it about the game that doesn't work? Just about everything by the looks of things. In the video, Digital Foundry considers everything from the frame rate ("all over the place") to the number of props taken from the Unity Asset Store. This isn't even to mention the fact that the game is regularly unbeatable if you get caught in certain situations, with the only way out being a hard reset.

You will have to watch the full video above to get the complete image of just what the game has in store, but it's fair to say that even at £0.99, this isn't one to add to the wish list.

We hope that the Digital Foundry analysis gives you a giggle. Leave us your thoughts on the game in the comments below.