Back in September last year, accessory manufacturer Hori announced a follow-up to the 'Split Pad Pro' known as the 'Split Pad Compact' - featuring controls shaped more like regular Joy-Con and extra buttons allowing players to reassign commands.

Now, it's unveiled two new designs for the Compact model. One is based on Sonic the Hedgehog and the other features Bandai Namco's mascot Pac-Man. According to Amazon listings, these controllers should be available for $59.99 USD and are scheduled to be released at the end of October 2023. Pre-orders are live for the Pac-Man one, but not the Sonic one yet.

Hori Split Pad Compact
Image: via Amazon

This officially licensed controller has an ergonomic form factor, for increased comfort and control. It also features turbo functions, an actual D-pad, and once again, reassignable buttons. Unfortunately, it does not include motion controls, HD Rumble, NFC, or IR camera features.

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