Towards the end of last month, the popular accessory maker Hori announced it would be releasing a follow-up to the Split Pad Pro called the Split Pad Fit. Now, a month later, it's officially announced the western release.

Locally, it'll be known as the 'Split Pad Compact'. Apart from the name change, this officially licensed Nintendo product is still the same device - with controls shaped more like regular Switch Joy-Con and extra buttons on the back allowing players to reassign buttons.

As previously noted, this controller does not come with motion controls, HD Rumble, NFC, an IR camera or wireless functions. The colours on offer locally include Light Gray x Yellow and Apricot Red. It'll be $49.99 USD according to the official Hori USA website, and it's expected to arrive in stores within the US next month.

You can read more about this controller in our previous post: Hori Reveals The Split Pad Fit For Nintendo Switch, Pre-Orders Now Live. You can also check out a review of Hori's original Split Pad Pro model:

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