Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo's latest Direct broadcast was packed with quite a lot of major first-party announcements. If you plan on getting them all but want to save some coin, you can always make use of the Switch Online voucher program, which was relaunched in North America earlier this year.

For the price of $99.98 / $132.99 CAD, Switch Online members in this region (and select other locations) can save on two digital games. Apart from Pikmin 4 and the recent release The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the new games added to this offer include the following:

You can check our previous story and the video below to see the full list of games on offer in North America voucher program. Keep in mind, you will need a paid Switch Online membership to access this promotion.

Will you be redeeming any of these upcoming Switch games with a voucher? Comment below.

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