Pathea Games' long-awaited follow-up to My Time at Portia has finally got a console launch date: My Time at Sandrock will be coming to Switch (and other consoles such as the *checks notes* Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xboxes) on Tuesday 26th September 2023.

The game has been in Early Access on Steam since May 2022 but console gamers have been playing the waiting game with this one. Described as an adventure RPG set in "a wholesome post-apocalyptic world", the team at Pathea is aware of the performance-based shortcomings of the previous game on Switch — as discussed when we briefly went hands-on with a PC build of Sandrock at PAX East last year — so we've got our fingers crossed that this long-in-development sequel will be a solid performer out of the gate on Nintendo's console.

The multiplayer mode will apparently be added to the console versions "approximately three months" after launch, with only the PC version having online co-op from September. Interestingly, while the Switch version is apparently on course for a simultaneous launch with other platforms, the PS4 version may not release with the rest, as confirmed in this comment from the devs:

Initially, the multiplayer online cooperative mode will be available only on the PC platform on September 26. We are actively working on bringing the mode to console platforms, and it is expected to be available approximately three months after the PC release due to porting and optimization.

Regarding the Sony PlayStation 4 platform, we are currently addressing technical challenges with platform support. We cannot confirm if it will release simultaneously with other platforms on September 26. An update will be provided by the end of June, sharing more details about the release timing for this platform.

Here's a handful of hi-res definitely not Switch screenshots to enjoy along with the trailer at the top of the page:

Let us know below if you'll be picking this up on Switch (or, you know, one of those other platforms).