Minecraft Switch
Image: via Nintendo.com

Minecraft is still insanely popular and has been a huge form of revenue for Microsoft since its acquisition of Mojang.

While PC and mobile is still seemingly the most popular way to play the game, during the final part of the 'Microsoft v FTC' hearing today, it's been revealed Nintendo's platform is actually the biggest revenue driver for Microsoft between the big three.

In order, Nintendo's Switch platform is "twice as big as PlayStation (or four times as big as Xbox)". Mobile and PC figures weren't revealed, but apparently, they're "very large". In general, Minecraft is apparently "one of the most profitable, if not the most profitable, IP" Microsoft owns, and is a "significant" revenue driver for the tech giant.

Considering the Nintendo Switch has now shifted over 125 million units as of March 2023, it's not necessarily that surprising to hear Minecraft is possibly well out in front on this platform. Obviously, the Switch also has the advantage of being a hybrid system, so players can take Minecraft on the go. Minecraft has also previously been released on Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U.

Unfortunately, it's not always been smooth sailing for Minecraft players on Switch, with this particular version sometimes falling short of the experience on other consoles. Thankfully, it still gets the latest patches, with the most recent one being the Trails & Tails update earlier this month.

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