Chocobo GP
Image: Square Enix

At the end of last year, Square Enix announced its racing title Chocobo GP would receive "no further large scale updates" and that it would discontinue sales of the paid currency Mythril in January 2023, which allowed players to spend real money to unlock additional content.

Now, in the latest development, the eShop listing in the US for Chocobo GP has been updated with a "release date" of 15th June 2023 (that's last week). So what's going on here? Well, it seems to be connected to Chocobo GP "Lite", which was recently delisted. Users with this free version will now be prompted to upgrade to the full game for $49.99 / £39.99 and save data will be carried across.

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And in case you missed it, all of the existing paid content in the game can now also seemingly be unlocked with Tickets and Gil coins - with no Mythril in sight.

Nintendo Life revisited the latest version of the Final Fantasy themed racer (1.4.1 - released in February 2023) and can confirm you're now able to unlock characters like Cloud Strife without having to worry about purchasing a Season Pass or forking out any real money. Instead, you can get him with 50 Tickets.

Other characters, items, and unlocks are also available with Tickets and Gil. Both of these currencies can be obtained by clearing missions and levelling up across multiple modes in Chocobo GP. As you can see in the screenshot, the Mythril Shop has been completely removed, with just the Ticket and Gil Shop remaining:

Chocobo GP - Nintendo Life Image
Image: Nintendo Life / Square Enix

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