Capcom is soon re-releasing the puzzle-solving mystery detective game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on the Switch, and ahead of its return, there's been some discussion about a possible sequel.

The game's creator Shu Takumi has recently addressed this during an interview with Game Informer, mentioning how it would be tough considering the title is "completely told" in a single story. In saying this, certain parts of the game may leave the door open...

Takumi: "The story of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is completely told in this single game, so I think it would be difficult to create a sequel. However, the powers of the dead that this game introduces may hold some possibility."

The game's producer Shingo Izumi (and port director) also chimed in, mentioning how if there are enough people who play the remaster, the team may consider a sequel:

Izumi: "Right now, we are dedicating all we have to deliver Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective to as many players as possible, so we haven't had time to think about what we're going to do after that. I hope the amount of people who play this game is large enough that it makes us want to consider a sequel!"

If you haven't played Ghost Trick before, and are curious to see what it's like ahead of the game's Switch release on 30th June, there's a demo you can download via the Switch eShop and play right now.

Would you like to see a sequel or follow-up of sorts to Ghost Trick? Sound off in the comments.