Mario Movie
Image: Nintendo / Illumination

After getting its digital premiere in the US last week, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now available to rent or buy digitally in the UK too (thanks, VGC)!

If you are eager to watch Universal's record-breaking picture from the comfort of your own home, then you can now do so from the likes of both Amazon and iTunes for £15.99 (rental) or £19.99 (buy).

While rentals will only be available to watch for a 48-hour period after starting, both options will let you pause and rewind to your heart's content — maybe we will finally be able to track down every Easter egg that the film has to offer...

This all comes at the perfect time for the Mario Movie. The film continues to break box-office records around the world as it climbs the ladder of the highest-grossing animated pictures of all time. It will take some doing to knock Frozen II off the top spot, but with digital sales only just starting, Mario might just be able to do it.

We are still yet to receive any official word on when the film will be available to stream for free on the likes of Netflix, Prime Video or Now TV, but we are continuing to keep an eye out and will be sure to update our complete guide (below) as soon as any news drops.

Will you be making the most and downloading the Mario Movie soon? Warp pipe down to the comments and let us know.

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