If you're eager for more 90s-style FPS experiences similar to Doom and Quake, one to be on the lookout for next week is Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun.

It was announced for the Switch and multiple other platforms last June, and offers up a "hardcore, sprite-based experience" in the boots of a Space Marine. It's arriving on 23rd May and ahead of the Switch eShop launch, Focus Entertainment and Auroch Digital have released some new extended gameplay footage.

Here's a bit about the above video:

"The Extended Gameplay Trailer showcases Boltgun’s extremely fluid and modern gameplay, brought to life with glorious, fully-3D, sprite-based visuals. Load up your Boltgun, grab your chainsword and your Grav-Cannon to shoot, shred, slice, maim and obliterate dynamic waves of heretics in pulse-pounding combat through the wide variety of environments of the vibrant Forge World Graïa."

Will you be checking this one out? Comment below.