After releasing on multiple Nintendo platforms including the Nintendo Switch, Severed is finally getting a physical release.

Limited Run Games has announced the Drinkbox Studios title will be getting a hard copy version - with pre-orders scheduled to go live this Friday on 12th May for $34.99 USD (or your regional equivalent). Items are expected to ship 4-6 months after the pre-order window closes.

When this game arrived on the Switch eShop in 2017, we called it a joy from start to finish - awarding it nine out of ten stars. Here's what we had to say:

"Severed is an almost perfectly executed action-adventure title. With very successfully designed dungeons full of rewarding puzzles and a combat system that is pleasing to carry out, you’ll likely find yourself wishing you could play more of the game when it is over. That’s the only real downside – you’ll be finished with the main story after six hours and be left wanting more – although wishing you could play more isn’t exactly a complaint. If you have the means to do so, we heartily recommend giving this one a go."

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