Logging onto Twitter this morning after last night's PlayStation Showcase, you might expect to see trending topics from the likes of Sony, Spider-Man and Alan Wake. But what did we notice before any of these? 'Splatoon' and 'Wii U'.

The former is in reference to FoamstarsSquare Enix's new turf war shooter that looks more than a little like Nintendo's squid swimmer — but the latter has come as a result of the currently-titled 'Project Q', a handheld device that lets you stream games installed on your PS5 over WiFi. It's like a Switch... only it isn't.

Yes, while the new bit of kit might look like a Switch screen with a couple of PS5 controllers Ultrahand-ed onto the side (brilliantly demonstrated by @spookysquid below), the fact that it does not play its own games and instead will only stream content from the PS5 has this device leaning much further into the Wii U camp than we would have expected.

Project Q Tweet
Image: @spookysquid

It's also worth bearing in mind that this is an accessory, not a new console in and of itself — we're already braced to see the high price tag that will inevitably come soon. At least Nintendo had the dignity to throw the Gamepad in with any purchase of the Wii U, we mean come on.

Of course, with the Wii U topic trending on Twitter, we were not the first to notice this. Many have pointed out the comparison and it looks like it is time to give Nintendo's least-loved console (of late, that is) an apology.

Project Q
Image: @UltimaShadowX
Project Q
Image: @jasonschreier
Project Q
Image: @ItsCakeyC

Given the Wii U's less-than-stellar reception, we'd guess that seeing these comparisons wasn't the exact response that Sony was looking for following last night's reveal. Who knows, maybe the finished product will look a whole lot different (it certainly is looking a little fan-made in our opinion at the moment), but if this device really is only for streaming games from the main console, then the cheaper option might just be to play Splatoon on your Wii U instead...

What do you make of Project Q? Getting some Wii U vibes? Let us know in the comments.

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