Publisher Armor Games Studios has revealed a PS1-inspired horror game that ditches traditional survival horror combat systems for a more streamlined focus on puzzle-solving.

The Tartarus Key is developed by Vertical Reach and will launch for the Nintendo Switch on May 31st, 2023. It stars protagonist Alex who finds herself waking up in a mysterious mansion with cameras following her every move. It's up to you to escape by solving a number of deadly puzzles and riddles as you explore the dark, creepy corridors of the mansion.

Here's a list of key features:

- Escape a deadly mansion filled with dangerous traps, and rescue Alex’s fellow captives… or fail, and leave them to a grisly fate.

- Uncover three different endings, and dig to the heart of the mansion and the strange secrets it and your captors hold.

- Solve puzzles and challenges reminiscent of escape-the-room games in a variety of unsettling and bizarre scenarios.

- A tense, atmospheric adventure that relies on puzzles and plot instead of combat or chase sequences

Will you be grabbing The Tartarus Key when it launches on Switch later this month? Let us know with a comment below.