We're so close to the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and although we know it's going to be an absolutely massive launch, we're still also curious to know whether or not our community here on Nintendo Life will be picking up the game.

During our recent hands on, we thoroughly enjoyed this new adventure and mentioned how we couldn't wait to dive back into the land of Hyrule. So, vote in our poll and leave a comment telling us when you're planning on getting hold of this new entry and sequel to Breath of the Wild. We're also wondering if you will be getting a physical or digital copy of the game.

And if you've not already got a pre-order lined up, there's still time to place one with our handy pre-order guide:

Will you be getting Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? (6,810 votes)

  1. I've already pre-ordered63%
  2. Day one11%
  3. As soon as possible5%
  4. Yes, but not right away9%
  5. I'm still thinking about it3%
  6. I'm not done with BOTW yet2%
  7. No, I'm not interested.5%

If you are getting the game, are you purchasing a physical or digital copy? (5,426 votes)

  1. Physical forever69%
  2. Digital all the way25%
  3. I'm not sure yet...6%

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