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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

LEGO 2K Drive (2K Games, 19th May) - Welcome to Bricklandia, home of a massive open-world LEGO driving adventure. Race anywhere, play with anyone, build your dream rides and defeat a cast of wild racing rivals for the coveted Sky Trophy! In LEGO 2K Drive, your awesome transforming vehicle gives you the freedom to speed seamlessly across riveting racetracks, off-road terrain and open waters. Explore the vast world of Bricklandia, show off your driving skills and build vehicles brick-by-brick! LEGO 2K Drive is available to play on May 19.

CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story (Riot Forge, 23rd May) - Rewind the past, control the future. Traverse the sprawling city of Zaun as Ekko, a young inventor with a device to rewind time. He and his friends must work together to keep their city safe, but as danger looms and secrets come to light, Ekko realizes he can’t trust anyone – not even himself. Developed by Double Stallion Games, CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story is a 2D, story-driven action-platformer that focuses on tight, dynamic combat and distinct exploration opportunities afforded by Ekko’s ability to travel in space and time. CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story is available to pre-order today in Nintendo eShop and launches on May 23.

Switch eShop - New Releases

911: Cannibal (17Studio, 18th May) - In this horror game you are a kidnapped teenager. Maniac - cannibal keeps you in his creepy house. Hide and search items that can help you find a way out of the scary place and survive the nightmare. Solve puzzles to get to inaccessible places. And do not forget about attentiveness - you need to carefully cover up your tracks so that the maniac does not suspect anything. Can you hide and outsmart the cannibal and survive without missing a single detail? Or will he catch you in the very first minutes and in the evening you will find yourself in his plate? In this horror, survival depends only on your ingenuity, attentiveness and memory. Game features: - Fascinating story and investigation - Interesting puzzles - Horror elements, hide and seek, and survival - Quality sound and detailed environment

Amaze! Complete Bundle - Lets pop & move the ball and paint - you’ve got to color and paint your way across the AMAZE maze puzzles. Watch out! AMAZE gets harder as you play, color and paint the maze, and fill in puzzles! Painting the maze puzzles sounds easy, but you have to be super strategic to color and fill every square. Make sure you fill in puzzles COMPLETELY! If you don’t fill even one square, you’re stuck in the paint maze FOREVER!

Apploval (AnelaGamesStudio, 18th May) - The Tower of Approval that Everyone Dreams of Climbing "Applival" Monoly of the Monono Tribe Using the Tower of Approval that suddenly appeared in the village I'm going to develop a village! anime style graphics And please enjoy with cool sound. The stage changes shape every time you enter Automatically generated random dungeon! It's a tough game that's easy to play! Even beginners can play easily and have fun! The level is reset every time, so you can enjoy it again and again! A completely random system that changes the shape of the dungeon each time you challenge it. Safe for beginners, weapon enhancement and item random system!

Arcade Archives MAZINGER Z (HAMSTER, 11th May) - "MAZINGER Z" is a shooter released by BANPRESTO (Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. ) in 1994. Take control of Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and Grendizer, and use shooting, punches, and super weapons to take on Dr. Hell's Underground Empire! Supports up to two players at once. The "Arcade Archives" series has faithfully reproduced many classic Arcade masterpieces. Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time. Players can also compete against each other from all over the world with their high scores. Please enjoy the masterpiece that built a generation for video games. *The options menu and manual are available in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril (8 Bit Legit, 19th May) - It's not just any kid, it's Battle Kid! After having uncovered a devious plot to build a super-secret Supermech on your island, you head to an ancient high-tech fortress in an effort to prevent this weapon from being completed. Navigate through the various sectors of the fortress and battle its denizens while avoiding its many dangers in this authentic 8-bit retro gem! Along the way, you will uncover items that will allow progress to new locations of the fortress and grant you new abilities. Do you have what it takes to overcome the perils that lie ahead--or is the island doomed? - Blast through over 550 action-packed rooms - Battle more than 30 enemy types and 8 bosses - Dive into authentic retro gameplay - Feast your eyes on 8-Bit Legit graphics loyal to the cartridge-gaming era - For Fans of Retro and Classic Platforming Shooters - 5 difficulty settings along with a password system

Best Action Games 5-in-1 (QubicGames, 19th May) - Challenge yourself with action-packed games: Real Boxing 2 - use your fists to become the ultimate ring champion Door Kickers - plan, give orders and lead the SWAT team through dangerous missions Akane - take down as many Yakuza thugs as you can Akuto Showdown - challenge your friends to fast-paced matches on cool diorama arenas UTOPIA 9 - survive a hellish vacation on a planet attacked by radioactive mutants This bundle has it all - fighting, strategy, humor, adventure, and more!

Best Mobile Games 5-in-1 (QubicGames, 19th May) - Simple entertainment can be the most addictive! Even more so when it is poured with a thick sauce of humor: Run Sausage Run! - race as a hot dog and avoid getting sliced, chopped, burned, or smashed Om Nom: Run - sprint, jump, avoid obstacles and collect coins or outrun your friends Sausage Wars - head-bang your way to victory and become the biggest wiener in town in this epic sausage fight game Dig Deep - grab a shovel and dig your way to success. Or hire workers and watch them do all the dirty job for you Pudding Monsters - solve riddles, stick cute puddings together and save them from the cold-hearted fridge owner Endless hours of entertainment and fun for you and your friends!

Bio Prototype (BD, 18th May) - When you woke up, you realized that you have been transformed into a monster. A wave of irrational experimentation rushes towards you. Hurry up and mutate! evolution! Become scarier monsters than them! Use flesh and blood to bloom a way of survival! 24 characters, more than 80 kinds of organs, and endless build combinations! Build unique skill combos Customize your skill tree Link organs to your brain to create exponentially increasing combos Create projectiles of various shapes Breed thousands of offspring to help you Release the deadly virus and make the plague spread More than 80 kinds of organs, 24 special designed character, and infinite combinations

Blackjack Waifu Tour - Feel lucky today! Now, you can play BLACKJACK Waifu Tour, your favorite 21 card game - anywhere and anytime. Bet without spending money, and enjoy a unique experience! If you are a fan of casino table games, you will love our black jack. Today, luck is on your side. Develop a good strategy and achieve victory! Become a professional real blackjack 21 blitz player by betting just like in other casino table games without risking your real money!

Bubble Monsters (EntwicklerX, 18th May) - This addictive classic bubble blast match-three game comes with a cute monster graphics style, great challenging levels and some nice special items for better game experience in harder levels. Stylish 3D graphics, multiple environments and unique monster characters gives the game a special touch.

Bunhouse (Digerati, 18th May) - Bunhouse is a cute, simple, bunny-filled game focused on growing plants and managing a greenhouse with fellow buns. Take care of your leafy plant buddies by balancing the amount of water and light they get. Play with friends and upgrade your greenhouse for wholesome, relaxing fun. Sometimes life is hectic. Sometimes we just need to take a breather and relax in a happy little world filled with bunnies. This is the core vision of Bunhouse – a game you can play solo or with up to four friends to relax and be happy. There is nothing to kill, no one to be better than, no quests or debt to pay off, just some plants that need watering and a greenhouse full of possibility.

Burger Chef Tycoon Co-op Edition - Like going out to town for a snack? Everybody does! But perhaps you'd like to see that from the other side? Not everyone can, so don't waste the opportunity! Manage the preparation of burgers, fries, crispy chicken and a multitude of other treats! Try to deliver the orders on time, but be careful not to mix them up! Upgrade your bar and beautify it and find ingredients of the best quality, so that you'll be able to create the best burger bar in town!

Cyber Citizen Shockman (Ratalaika Games, 18th May) - Everything was going great for Tasuke and Kyapiko until one fateful day when they woke up as the cybernetically enhanced, Shockman! Thanks to the genius of the Doc, they were given the opportunity to become cyborgs and heroes of justice tasked with taking down the Evil Group which had been terrorizing the town. The only catch is they have 18 days to get the job done and become humans again. Fufill your destiny as hero of justice and restore peace to the town!

Dark Quest 3 (Brain Seal Entertainment, 1st Jun) - A message from the Elder "Heed my warning well, friends. A new evil has risen in the East. A power-hungry sorcerer of chaos magic is laying siege to the realm. That is why I called you here. You are heroes, one and all. And without you, all hope is lost. You will face untold challenges you may not survive, and old alliances will need to be rebuilt to stand a chance. I will guide you as best I can, but the rest is up to you. " What is it? You start the game at hero camp where you must create your party and then go on journey throughout the world by choosing different areas. Choose each area based on your party’s strengths and weakness, draw adventure cards, roll dice, fight monsters and reach the chaos castle to defeat the sorcerer and his magic.

Death, Soul & Robots - In Death, Soul & Robots you play as a charming little kitty on a quest to find the soul of Planet 42 and save Earth from destruction. Battle unique enemies, solve challenging puzzles and explore various levels on your way to your goal. The game features six large biomes, seven types of weapons, lots of different quests and 10+ characters, each with their own story. You'll also have to defeat six powerful bosses, each requiring a lot of effort to beat. You'll come across various characters that'll amaze you with their stories. By the end of the game, you'll need to solve an ethical dilemma that'll affect the ending.

Despot’s Game - Let's play a game: I'll give you some puny humans, and you try to help them make it through my labyrinth. No, you won't be controlling them in battles - they'll fight automatically! My game is about strategy and praying to RNGesus, not mashing buttons. You can buy items for the humans: swords, crossbows, coffins, stale pretzels. Plus, I'll let you give them cool mutations! A few Topochlorians in the blood and some Crocodile Skin never hurt anyone. There's one catch, though: if you die, you have to start over entirely, and the whole world will be generated again from scratch. Yes, my game is a roguelike game. Well, roguelite, if you're a nerd who loves compartmentalizing us creators into strict genres.

Dig Deep: Complete Edition - Shovel your way to success: go underground and dig for treasure like a mole on a mission. But don't worry, you won't get stuck in a hole - unless you forget to hire workers to boost your digging empire. This game is the perfect blend of laziness and ambition. Your job is to sit back, relax, and let your hired diggers do the dirty work while you search for those sweet gems and diamonds. If you become the best miner around, you can even hire more gold diggers to expand your mining tycoon empire.

Dying Light: Definitive Edition & Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Farming Simulator 23; Nintendo Switch Edition - Grow crops, grow your agricultural empire! Become a modern farmer to operate more than 100 authentic machines by Case IH, CLAAS, DEUTZ-FAHR, Fendt, John Deere, KRONE, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Valtra & many other acclaimed manufacturers from around the world - offering a wide range of farming activities. Choose what kind of farmer you want to be!

Find the Pairs: Classic Memory Puzzle - The game is very easy to learn - you need to take turns opening cards with pictures and try to remember the position of the same pictures. As soon as you open two identical pictures, they will disappear from the field. With each pair found, the game timer increases, but if you think too long, time will run out and the level will fail. The game is simple, but with each level the number of cards and pictures will increase, so you will have to use your memory to find all the pairs before the time runs out! You can also customize backgrounds and pictures to your liking!

ghostpia Season One (PQube, 23rd May) - They say this is an ideal town, a true utopia for ghosts…but is it really? Can you really call this place a utopia? More than anything Sayoko longs to return home, but that may prove harder than it seems. With forgotten memories to recover and a mysterious girl to investigate Sayoko has her hands full. Ghostpia is a kinetic, visual novel with colourful visuals that look like a picture book. Adorned with glitches and noise, ghostpia is inspired by a deep sense of longing and nostalgia. Follow Sayoko’s captivating story as she searches for answers in this isolated town, surrounded by a vast desert of snow and unable to fit in with the ghostly atmosphere. Enjoy a rich cinematic experience with a beautiful melancholic soundtrack and unique sound effects, to fully immerse yourself in the moving, sometimes sombre, sometimes exciting, narrative that ghostpia is trying to tell.

Glitch Busters: Stuck On You (Skybound Games, 23rd May) - It’s a normal day on the net, until a virus outbreak turns everything upside-down. Only your squad of GLITCH BUSTERS can take on the net’s kookiest bugs in an online world gone haywire. In the far-flung future, the AI that populate the net come under attack by mysterious viruses—and it’s up to your squad of GLITCH BUSTERS to keep them from infecting every AI in the virtual world! Work alone or together with 3 friends to exterminate viruses across wildly inventive stages, including a towering metropolis and roaring volcano using special magnetic co-op abilities and an arsenal of unlockable weapons. Play, laugh, and shout with your team to take on the net’s kookiest bugs in an online world gone haywire! Squad Up with Unique Magnetic Co-op Abilities! 1-4 players or AI bots can party-up and snap together, push away, tackle with magnet-induced momentum, and more! Every action you make can affect your allies, so enjoy the chaos.

Heartbeat Hospital: Love, Lies, and Betrayal (Cooking And, 11th May) - Heartbeat Hospital: Love, Lies, and Betrayal is a captivating visual novel that will take you on a thrilling journey through the corridors of a busy hospital. In this game, you'll get to experience the ups and downs of life as a doctor, including romance, heartbreak, and betrayal. As the protagonist, you'll have to make decisions that will affect the outcome of the story. Will you choose to pursue a forbidden romance with a fellow doctor, or will you focus on advancing your career? Will you uncover the truth behind a mysterious patient's illness, or will you turn a blind eye to the lies and deceit around you? Heartbeat Hospital: Love, Lies, and Betrayal features multiple endings, so every choice you make will lead to a different outcome. Will you find true love and happiness, or will your choices lead to a tragic end? Are you ready to experience the thrill of love, lies, and betrayal?

HEXAPODA (TOMAGameStudio, 19th May) - After the last human war, gases were spread through the atmosphere, making it unbreathable. The richest fled to orbital colonies and the others took refuge underground. You are a young hothead, hired by a team of scientists left on earth who are looking for a solution to bring humans back to the surface. Playable from 1 to 4 players (local co-op), Hexapoda is inspired by Arcade classics. - 3 Game Modes : Normal , Hard and Manic. - Unlock 3 Different endings, new features and new items. - 12 stages - 4 futuristic combat aircrafts with their own style of shooting - Complete the bestiary inspired by existing insects - Unlock all the 30 "in-game" achievements - Local leaderboards for each game mode. Powered by an original epic soundtrack composed by the French band of electronic music: Double Dragon.

Japanese Escape Games The House - The 17th "Japanese Escape Games" series!

KARGAST (Top Hat Studios, 16th May) - “You just woke up but. . . oh, wait! This is not right! Everything seems weird and. . where did everyone go? ” Kargast is a dark narrative exploration game with light RPG elements and branching endings. It tells a surreal and semi-satirical story of an unwell child on the brink of death, and his adventures through his surreal, cryptic surroundings. . You must guide him through a place of torment, confront the unknown and make vital choices along the way. Travel through dark and mysterious environments with your shiny little companion, fight your way through dozens of odd and malformed creatures, and uncover what strange truths lay hidden before it’s too late.

LOUD: RockStar Edition - Come for the music, stay for the wholesome story.
LOUD: My Road to Fame is a music arcade rhythm game in which a teenage girl embarks on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery through music. New spin on Guitar Hero’s formula
Get ready to rock with new approachable and immersive arcade guitar controls. Keep your eyes sharp and fingers primed as each note has a good way to play it and a perfect one that requires additional input.

Love on Leave (qureate, 18th May) - <About> With the exception of event screens, you side-scroll through the world around you. Your goal is to enjoy your time off surrounded by nature as you nurture a hearty romance with the Amakusa sisters! <SYSTEM> ■You have 14 days of paid leave. Use it to cultivate your budding romance with the Amakusa sisters! You have 14 days of paid leave to spend in the countryside where you were born and raised. There, romance awaits! Use your time to reconnect with the tsundere middle sister, the downbeat youngest sister, and the motherly eldest sister, all of whom you grew up with. Will you choose one. . . or maybe even all of them? A variety of endings await based on the choices you make! ■Get wrapped up in a myriad of special events with the Amakusa sisters! Special events occur as you get to know the sisters. Play and see what sorts of unforgettable moments await! ■Enjoy each slow country day to the fullest! You can move freely around the map of the countryside.

Magic Bubble Shooter: Classic Bubbles Arcade (Megame, 18th May) - Load up your cannon and shoot colourful objects to clear the field! The rules of the game are very simple - you need to destroy objects of the same colour with your cannon. Watch the colour of your projectile so that it matches the colour of the objects. If you hit an object with the same colour, they will be destroyed! The last levels are a real warm-up for mindfulness! But despite the complexity of the puzzles, the gameplay will allow you to escape from the daily routine and have a good time. GAME FEATURES: • Excellent training for mindfulness; • Lots of levels with different difficulty; • Bright and juicy graphics; • Management with Joy-Con™️; • Relaxing musical accompaniment.

Max Reckoning – A Criminal Thief Story With Shooter & Quest - The game tells the story of two friends who wanted to change their lives and get rich in a not entirely legal way. The protagonist, being more experienced and confident, goes out to rob a bank alone, which later turns out to be a bad idea. Your once good friend cheats and leaves you. After a failed attempt to escape from the police, which will land you in jail, you will have to find a way to escape in order to get revenge on your friend and get your part of the money back. After escaping, you will have to remember your skills and fight your way to your friend's office... Having good friends is not as easy as it might seem.

Mechanic 8230: Escape From Ilgrot (RedDeer, 19th May) - Even the tiniest coin can prove vital in this adventure. Remember – the only weapon at your disposal is your mind! WHAT’S THE POINT? Dive into the past of the post-apocalyptic world of Bifrostia and those who led it to ruin. Why do they want the RO-2 unit? Before you find that out, you need to make a daring escape from under their noses. DON’T TRUST THE RUST The rusted city of Ilgrot is not the best place to live. Especially, if you find yourself with the wrong droid, at the worst possible moment. Make a run for it and “point & click” your way to safety. Escape this devastated land!

Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook - Tighten your pack and loosen your belt before digging into this dungeon-crawling adventure! Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook spices up the classic SRPG formula with deliciously fun cooking-based mechanics. Indulge in detailed character creation for your party, gather resources, ingredients, and items while exploring, and fight monsters in tactical combat. Then kick back by the campfire as you use what you’ve collected to cook meals that can give you the edge for your next course of dungeon delving.

Murtop (Flynns Arcade, 18th May) - Help Murti save the world from an invasion of carrot-hungry moles with her bomb-pooping skills! Game features: - 256 single-screen time-limited stages. . . and a kill screen! Let's see if you can get to it. - 5 fast-paced chiptune tracks. - Local high scores leaderboard. - Optimized to be used in arcade cabinet machines. - Lots and lots of explosions! Technical details: - Vertical screen with beautiful bezels to fill the void. - 16 color palette. - Pixel perfect scaling. - CRT filter. - Attract mode (just like in the old arcade machines). - TATE mode (rotate the screen to play the game as it was meant to).

Nightmare Reaper (Feardemic) - A dark and violent meld of retro and modern action games, inspired by the classic 2.5D first-person shooters of the 90s, with elements of modern looter shooters and roguelites.
Intense and addictive gameplay. Tons of enemies are crammed in open-ended levels full of surprises, geysers of blood, and treasure.

No One Lives Under the Lighthouse (Puppet Combo, 18th May) - The cult slow burn horror hit No One Lives Under the Lighthouse from Marevo Collective is launching on Nintendo Switch™ with updated features! The previous lighthouse keeper has gone missing without a trace and you are the newest keeper tasked with keeping the lighthouse lit every night. Keep your sanity from slipping on this desolate rock in the middle of the ocean, and don’t give in to hallucinations. Let it be a calming reminder that it's just you here, because No One Lives Under the Lighthouse. Published by Torture Star Video and Puppet Combo ® ©

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! (ININ Games, 23rd May) - In the latest adventure, players once again have to clear the bubbles across a series of increasingly challenging and fun stages. To help them in their endeavor, they can use numerous items and gimmicks or try their best on their own.

Rainbow Runner (Prison, 12th May) - Rainbow Runner is an endless runner game with a fun and colorful theme for 1 to 4 players. The simplicity of the rules makes it accessible to everyone, but the expansive possibilities and increasing pace of the game make it challenging for even the most demanding players. Explore the sky-high planet in search of new adventures and earn points to change the appearance of available characters in the costume store.

TORINTO (eastasiasoft, 24th May) - When a powerful and sinister wizard named Malzer steals the hearts of the Torinto kingdom’s people, hope remains in the hands of those few heroes whose bonds are strong enough to protect them from the dark sorcery. Together they must turn the tide, defeat Malzer and return the kingdom’s inhabitants to their normal, peaceful existence, but the road ahead will be filled with peril! TORINTO is a run ‘n’ gun game with a medieval twist. Blades take the place of bullets as the heroes traverse side-scrolling stages, from forests and fields to castle walls, quelling the heartless fiends that now roam the land. Watch for enemy projectiles like axes and hurled boulders, leap across scaffolds and over spiky pitfalls, run headlong into danger and come out victorious. But you don’t have to do it alone! Like many genre classics, TORINTO can be enjoyed solo or with a friend in simultaneous cooperative play!

Unalive 010 (RandomSpin, 18th May) - Welcome to the captivating world of Unalive - a game where the hero must battle fierce monsters using their shooting skills. You will navigate randomly generated room labyrinths and face challenging bosses, while mysterious events unfold throughout the game. Be prepared for unpredictable challenges and tests at every turn, creating an immersive atmosphere that draws the player deeper into the world's mysteries and enigmas. Will you be able to unravel all the secrets of Unalive? Only time will tell. . .

Undergrave (QUByte Interactive, 18th May) - Welcome to the Void Realm, a place where danger lurks around every corner. From the creators of Red Ronin comes a new challenge that will test your strategic skills and tactical prowess. Undergrave is a thrilling roguelike adventure that promises a new experience with every try. As you step into the Void Realm, you must rely on your character's 3 distinct abilities to survive. However, every ability you use consumes your precious stamina, which recovers with time. You must use your abilities wisely to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. To succeed in Undergrave, you must perfect your strategy and combine your abilities to outsmart your enemies. With each new try, you'll encounter new challenges, but with the right moves and quick thinking, you can emerge victorious. Are you ready to take on the Void Realm and prove your worth as a tactical mastermind? The challenge awaits in Undergrave!

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun (Focus Entertainment, 23rd May) - Load up your Boltgun and plunge into battle headfirst! Experience a perfect blend of Warhammer 40,000, classic, frenetic FPS gameplay and the stylish visuals of your favourite 90’s retro shooters. Play a battle-hardened Space Marine on a perilous mission across the galaxy, as they battle against the Chaos Space Marines and daemons of Chaos. In glorious boomer shooter style, unleash your devastating Space Marine arsenal as you blast through an explosion of sprites, pixels and blood. Run, jump and charge across huge levels to shoot, shred and slice the worst heretics across the galaxy!

Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo - 1716. Kyoho era. Repeated incidents in Edo upset and frighten the people, so the “Oniwaban” is created to help maintain order and security. A girl born with special powers in a far away village has been exiled to the snowy mountains because she sees “black Threads” whenever a disaster will occur. Men claiming to be Oniwaban appear at her door, saying she is needed in Edo. Her ability to sense oncoming disasters could save the country from demonic forces. Or destroy it.

Woodland Hike (Ultimate Games, 20th May) - Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature with Woodland Hike. Discover hidden paths, encounter wildlife, and soak in the peaceful ambiance as you wander through the forest. - Stunning graphics and visuals that bring the beauty of nature to life - A calming and meditative experience - A wide variety of environments to explore, from forests to meadows to mountain vistas - Discover hidden paths and secrets as you explore Are you ready to embark on a journey of relaxation and exploration? Come take a Woodland Hike today.

What will you be downloading this week? (152 votes)

  1. LEGO 2K Drive13%
  2. CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story1%
  3. 911: Cannibal1%
  4. Amaze!  0%
  5. Apploval1%
  6. Arcade Archives MAZINGER Z4%
  7. Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril1%
  8. Best Action Games 5-in-1  0%
  9. Best Mobile Games 5-in-1  0%
  10. Bio Prototype1%
  11. Blackjack Waifu Tour1%
  12. Bubble Monsters  0%
  13. Bunhouse  0%
  14. Burger Chef Tycoon Co-op Edition1%
  15. Cyber Citizen Shockman2%
  16. Dark Quest 31%
  17. Death, Soul & Robots1%
  18. Despot's Game1%
  19. Dig Deep  0%
  20. Farming Simulator 23: Nintendo Switch Edition1%
  21. Find the Pairs: Classic Memory Puzzle  0%
  22. ghostpia Season One1%
  23. Glitch Busters: Stuck On You  0%
  24. Heartbeat Hospital: Love, Lies, and Betrayal  0%
  25. Hexapoda1%
  26. Japanese Escape Games The House1%
  27. Kargast  0%
  28. LOUD: RockStar Edition  0%
  29. Love on Leave  0%
  30. Magic Bubble Shooter: Classic Bubbles Arcade  0%
  31. Max Reckoning - A Criminal Thief Story With Shooter & Quest  0%
  32. Mechanic 8230: Escape From Ilgrot1%
  33. Monster Menu: The Scavenger's Cookbook3%
  34. Murtop2%
  35. Nightmare Reaper  0%
  36. No One Lives Under the Lighthouse3%
  37. Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!7%
  38. Rainbow Runner  0%
  39. Torinto  0%
  40. Unalive 010  0%
  41. Undergrave1%
  42. Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun16%
  43. Winter's Wish: Spirits of Edo1%
  44. Woodland Hike1%
  45. Nothing for me this week37%

So that's your lot for this week's North American Nintendo Download. Go on, be a sport and drop a vote in the poll above, and comment below with your hot picks!