LEGO Star Wars
Image: TT Games, LEGO

If you're looking to celebrate Star Wars with some gaming this week, you can't go past LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

As part of the Star Wars Day celebrations for 2023, the development team at TT Games has added 'Luke Starkiller' as a new Minifigure to this collection. Apparently, this was an "early version" of Luke Skywalker and is based on a concept designed by Ralph McQuarrie. Here's a look at this Minifigure in action:

And just to clarify, this is a free content update to celebrate May 4th - so everyone with a copy of the game will be able to play as this character. Starkiller was concept art created by Ralph McQuarrie for the original Star Wars, although you might also know Starkiller as the protagonist in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series.

As part of this free Minifigure offer, the game has also been updated - this new build includes a 'vibration intensity' accessibility option, and additional stability and bug fixes.

Will you be returning to the Skywalker Saga to try out this new Minifigure? Comment below.

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