2023 promises to be a good year for League of Legends fans (at least, for those who are excited about spinoffs). We heard of two upcoming titles back in the hazy days of 2021 — Convergence and Song of Nunu — and we now know that the former is heading our way in just a few weeks on 23rd May.

The League of Legends franchise has never been against genre jumping in its spinoffs — just look at the turn-based RPG Ruined King from a few years back, or even the action-focussed The Mageseeker from last month — and Convergence is no exception.

This time-travelling platformer from developer Double Stallion Games will see you taking on the role of Ekko, a League of Legends champion, who has to use his ability of time manipulation to keep the city of Zaun safe. From the gameplay that we have seen so far, this platformer looks to have a heavy focus on combat and the time-travelling mechanic will hopefully provide a fun twist too.

For a little more information about the game's story and a look at some screenshots, check out the following from publisher Riot Forge:

CONVERGENCE: A League Of Legends Story is a story-driven, single-player 2D action platformer. Traverse the sprawling city of Zaun as Ekko with his ability to travel through space and time. He and his friends must work together to keep their city safe, but as danger looms and secrets come to light, Ekko realizes he can’t trust anyone—not even himself.

Convergence: A League of Legends Story rewinds its way onto Switch later this month.

Do you like what you see so far? Time travel down to the comments and let us know.

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