The developer behind Pokémon GO, Niantic, has today revealed its latest game, Peridot. This is another AR-based title, it is true, but it looks to be a marked step from the 'mon-based gameplay that we all know the studio from (thanks, Eurogamer).

Instead of catching fantastic creatures and using them in battle (which really sounds weird when we phrase it that way), Peridot is all about raising a fictional pet and seeing it flourish in the world around you. The game uses an AR technology that Niantic has been working on for many years to accurately register objects and textures that you point your phone at, before working out how your virtual pet should interact with it.

This means that you can watch your companion splash in a nearby pond, frolic in a patch of flowers or simply chill out on your sofa. According to Eurogamer, this even extends as far as the app being able to read the boundaries of your room, so when you throw a ball for your Periot it will naturally bounce off of the walls! Yes, it's the Nintendogs upgrade that we never knew we wanted...

These creatures can resemble real-world animals or be something completely fantastical, and the hatching aspect of the game lets you pass down certain traits and characteristics as you diversify the number of Peridot species available.

For a little more information on what the game has to offer, check out the following from the official Peridot website:

Fall in love with your unique AR pets
Adopt your very own Peridot, a truly special companion, and help them grow as you feed them, pet them, and explore with them. You can also bond with your Dot as you play fun mini-games together; such as playing fetch, teaching them tricks, and dressing them in stylish outfits.

Explore the world together during daily walks
Get some fresh air with your Peridot! Dots are curious creatures and will recognize a wide variety of environments and objects while you’re out on your daily walks. Don’t forget to keep track of your adventures together and the interesting places you visit by snapping photos and videos you can share with friends.

Collaborate with others to hatch new generations of Peridots
Diversify the Peridot species by strategizing with friends and other players around the world to hatch new generations of 100% genetically unique Dots. Discover and pass down rare Traits while encountering Peridot Archetypes that resemble some of your favorite real and mythical creatures – the possibilities are infinite!

Is Peridot going to spawn a console-based franchise after blowing up on mobile? Right now, we doubt it. But if you are after some Tamagotchi-meets-Pokémon GO action, then you can download Niantic's latest from all app stores right now.

In more Niantic-related news, the studio is also working on a Monster Hunter AR game for mobile. You can find out all of the details in our coverage below:

Will you be taking Peridot for a spin? Let us know in the comments.

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