Azure Striker Gunvolt 3
Image: Inti Creates

If you're eager for more Gunvolt games, you might be waiting a while - with Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu revealing the Japanese developer will be taking a break from the series.

In response to a fan asking about future Gunvolt projects, Aizu revealed the series had come to a close "for now" while teasing a new project. Here's exactly what he had to say, courtesy of a translation by Noisy Pixel (along with some added clarification, reiterating how the developer is not entirely done with the series):

“Thank you very much! I’m glad that you have been playing since Mega Man Zero. The Gunvolt series has come to a close for now, but I think it’s time to start thinking about future developments. Although it is not Gunvolt, please look forward to our completely new project!”

TL Note: The word used here is 一段落, which means “to reach a stopping place, to settle down (before the next stage).” This does not necessarily imply that the Gunvolt series has ceased entirely; it only means that he will be moving on from it for the time being. - Noisy Pixel

If you haven't played Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 (released on the Switch last July), it's well worth a look. We called it another cracking Mega Man Zero-like game, awarding it eight out of ten stars. Since its release, it's also received a number of updates.

How do you feel about Inti Creates taking a break from the series? Did you play the third Azure Striker Gunvolt game? Let us know in the comments.