Devolver Digital has today announced that the diorama-set creature battler Bleak Sword DX will be swinging its way onto the Nintendo Switch from 8th June.

The title first appeared on Apple Arcade back in 2019, and we were impressed by what we saw when it was first announced for the Switch in February of this year. The new release date trailer (above) has us equally intrigued, showing the kind of lo-fi dioramas that you will have to fight through on your quest.

The DX version of the game that we will see coming to Switch and PC next month contains all of the levels from the original, plus the three DLC chapters for some fresh enemies to clash up against. There have been several other tweaks to the game on top of this including new modes such as a boss run and level randomiser, and a new set of attack and movement options.

For more information on the game itself and a look at some screenshots, check out the following from the official Bleak Sword DX Steam page:

DX includes all original Bleak Sword chapters plus the three DLC chapters complete with new level and enemy layouts.

A brand new Randomizer campaign modifier throws you into a remixed version of the original game where leveling up or facing bosses in order is not guaranteed.

Jump into the brand new Boss Run gauntlet and face all 12 in-game bosses back to back with only one health bar. Make one wrong step and prepare to pay dearly!

The soul-crushing Arena mode throws you into a gladiator-style fight for survival. Fight increasingly difficult enemies and become a Bleak Sword legend.

New attacks, parries, and counters complement a streamlined control system designed specifically for PC & console, while enhanced enemy AI makes them more unpredictable.

New post-processing effects, adaptive depth of field, and a series of filters give Bleak Sword DX a fresh lick of paint, while particle effects, foliage, and weather enhancements bring a new level of atmosphere and immersion to the world.

Looks interesting so far, but will it live up to the trailers? We don't have long to wait now until we can find out.

Will you be picking up Bleak Sword DX next month? Let us know in the comments.