Bleak Sword released on Apple Arcade back in 2019 and has since gone on to receive positive reviews across the board. Now the title is making the leap from decidedly difficult mobile app to brutal Switch game, as Devolver Digital has announced that Bleak Sword DX will be dodge rolling its way onto the Nintendo console this year.

For those who have never come across the game in its original form before, allow us to fill you in. Developed by studio more8bit, Bleak Sword sees you making your way through a series of chapters (nine in the mobile game, 12 this time around) to lift a curse by disposing of any monsters, creatures or any other beasties that come your way.

What is eye catching about this title, however, is how each of these chapters take place within a compact diorama-like battlefield. You can see the entire arena laid out in front of you (great!) though this means there is nowhere to hide (not so great). The retro-inspired pixel aesthetic is really allowed to shine here, with the crunchiness of the heroic protagonist juxtaposing the smooth movements of the attacks, dodge rolls and parries.

For a better idea of what this revamped version of the game is all about (and a look at some all-important screenshots), check out the following information from Devolver Digital:

· DX includes all original Bleak Sword chapters plus the three DLC chapters complete with new level and enemy layouts.
· Randomizer throws players into a remixed version of the original game where levelling up or facing bosses in order is not guaranteed.
· Boss Rush challenges players to face all 12 bosses back to back, with only one health bar

New attacks, parries and counters complement a streamlined control system designed specifically for PC & console, while enhanced enemy AI makes them more unpredictable.

New post processing effects, adaptive depth of field and a series of filters give Bleak Sword DX a fresh lick of paint, while particle effects, foliage and weather enhancements bring a new level of atmosphere and immersion to the world.

The publishers have not provided a secure release date for this one just yet, with the title currently slated simply for 2023. But, after that trailer has piqued our interest, we will be sure to keep you updated when we get more information!

What do you make of this one? Slash your thoughts in the comments below!