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Update [Tue 30th May, 2023 12:00 BST]: Creatures Inc. has confirmed on its official website that Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka has retired from his previous position as President and will continue to work with the company in the future as a Creative Fellow.

It has also confirmed that Tsunekazu Ishihara will continue to be involved in the overall management of the company as a founder, despite his own resignation as CEO.

The page goes into further detail on the current management team at Creatures Inc.; here's the current line-up:

Yuji Kitano,President & CEO
Tomotaka Komura, Executive Vice President
Hiroyuki Jinnai, Senior Executive Director
Noriyuki Kita, Senior Executive Director
Masamichi Anazawa, Executive Director
Atsuko Ujiie, Executive Director
Muneaki Ozawa, Executive Director
Eisuke Kasejima, Executive Director
Masami Hatanaka, Executive Director
Atsushi Nagashima, Executive Director
Kengo Nakahiro, Executive Director
Hajime Shibahara, Auditor

Original Article [Wed 5th Apr, 2023 10:00 BST]:

Creatures Inc., one of the partial owners of the Pokémon franchise alongside Game Freak and Nintendo, has undertaken a significant change in leadership, as spotted by Serebii webmaster Joe Merrick.

Tsunekazu Ishihara and Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka have stepped down as CEO and President of Creatures Inc. respectively, with Yuji Kitano stepping in as CEO / President and Tomotaka Komura as Executive Vice President. The newly appointed posts are also highlighted on the official Creatures Inc. website.

While the change will likely have no material impact on the day-to-day operation of Creatures Inc. or its contribution to the Pokémon franchise, the shake-up is certainly an interesting one. At the time of writing, Tsunekazu Ishihara remains President and CEO of The Pokémon Company, however, his departure from his post at Creatures Inc. does raise some questions as to his immediate future with The Pokémon Company. Many fans will likely recognise Ishihara as the host of major Pokémon Presents showcases.

We currently have no reason to believe that anything further will change in the foreseeable future, as this recent shake-up will have likely coincided with the new 2024 fiscal year in Japan.

As for Hirokazu Tanaka, it's unclear at this time what role, if any, he has with Creatures or The Pokémon Company following his departure from his role as President. His previous work outside Creatures Inc. focused primarily on creating soundtracks for classic games like Metroid, EarthBound, and Kid Icarus. He joined Creatures Inc. full-time in 1999 and became its President in 2001. He also began to perform at Japanese dance clubs under the name 'Chip Tanaka' at this time.

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