The Super Mario Bros. Movie is finally out today and we have some thoughts. There are thoughts about things that we liked, thoughts about things that we didn't like, and thoughts about all things in between. We managed to get a lot of these down into our review, but a movie of this size was always going to benefit from the ol' conversation treatment too, so that's exactly what we've done.

In the above video, Alex and Jim team up to discuss their thoughts on the movie, covering the story, animation, score and that all-important voice cast. While the chat steers clear of any major spoilers, the pair do discuss several plot points, so if you want to go in completely blind, we would say that this is best watched after you have seen the movie — that way, you can join in and see if you agree or disagree with our comments.

So, get your dungarees on, make up a hot (or cold) beverage of your choice and settle in for a good bit of chatter about all things Mario.

If you would prefer to check out our thoughts in written form, you can find our full review down below. Just remember, the only review that should matter is your own, so have a read and a watch to see how our views are similar or different to yours.

What did you make of the Mario Movie? Let us know in the comments.