Persona 3 Portable
Image: Atlus

If one Persona game is positively begging to be remade, then it's probably the 2006 entry Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. A port of Persona 3 Portable made its way to the Switch earlier this year alongside Persona 4 Golden, but when you compare the third game to the later entries in the franchise, it's undoubtedly starting to show its age considerably.

Well, if recent footage posted online is to be believed, then a full-blown remake of Persona 3 may well be on the cards. Coming in at a gargantuan five seconds in length, the footage from Twitter user @AVtoGAMEnoYAMI forms part of what is supposedly a video from a 2021 internal meeting over at SEGA Japan (the game's developer, Atlus, is a subsidiary of SEGA). It showcases one of the game's main protagonists, Yukari Takeba, summoning her Persona before launching a wave of arrows at an enemy.

If that isn't enough, the expanded clip then transitions into footage from Sonic Frontiers (which looks to include aspects not found in the base game) before ending with what seems to be footage from a remake or new entry from the Jet Set Radio franchise.

It goes without saying, of course, that you should take everything here with a hefty grain of salt. While the footage itself certainly looks legit, it would be quite easy for fans to repurpose gameplay from existing titles and make it look like a remake is in development. If it is real, though... Oh boy, you better believe we'd be pretty excited about the prospect of a Persona 3 remake.

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