Dragon Warrior Box Art
Image: Enix

One person's quest (get it?) to accumulate a 'Mega Collection' of NES games has finally been achieved. FerrisonNA — who also goes by the username Ferris Bueller — is the proud owner of one thousand copies of the original Dragon Quest on the NES. Or, Dragon Warrior as it was known in the west back in 1989.

FerrisonNA (real name Christian Deitering) has been chronicling his journey to collect a huge number of copies of the NES RPG over on his website, The Unorthodox Dragon Warrior Collection. And a new update made earlier today (and shared on Twitter) revealed that the collector — who was the producer of the Mother To Earth: The Untold Story of Earth Bound documentary — has finally hit a milestone of one thousand copies.

This frankly incredible feat has been a long-standing challenge in the retro-gaming community, starting way back in 2012 on the (now defunct) NintendoAge forums. One user, K3VBOT, shared that he was given the opportunity to buy out an old game store, but then someone else, Max Velocity, spotted lots of copies of the Jurassic Park game on SNES. Cue requests for photos, and a spark of inspiration for someone known as Space Jockey decided that he wanted to start up his own giant collection of retro cartridges. His game of choice? Dragon Warrior on the NES.

As time went on, Space Jockey had to abandon his quest and eventually sold his collection, but FerrisonNA took up the sword, bought the collection, and has continued to expand it ever since. As part of his collection, FerrisonNA actually owns the prototype of the original game, called Dragon Warrior Express.

Copy number 1,000 was claimed at Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, meaning that this could potentially be the largest collection of a single video games for the NES, and maybe even all consoles.

Is FerrisonNA's quest over, though? Definitely not. The editor and collector's next goal is an eye-watering 2,500 copies. He's promised a more detailed post in the future, once he's had a chance to fully update the website, but ends his update with "a big thank you".

If you've got a copy of Dragon Warrior you want to send, then you can arrange that through The Unorthodox Dragon Warrior Collection website by clicking on the 'Talk' button. We love the Dragon Quest aesthetic of the site, and, well, perhaps we'll be back in a few years' time when we hit the 2,500 milestone.

Have you ever played the original Dragon Warrior? Would you ever want to collect tons of retro games? Let us know.

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