Despite the significant strides the Legend of Zelda franchise has made over the years in terms of sheer graphical fidelity and scope, there's something infinitely charming about the earlier Game Boy titles.

Whether it be Link's Awakening or Oracle of Seasons/Ages, the original portable entries to the series introduced unique storylines and characters that you simply don't see elsewhere. They also just looked awesome, despite the limited hardware.

Animators Channy and Kimberly clearly share the same affinity for the Game Boy Zelda games, as demonstrated by a wonderful animation on YouTube that depicts the upoming Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as if it were a Game Boy Color game.

The video starts off with a beautiful animation of some of the core characters before showcasing hypothetical gameplay, including vehicles created with the new Fuse ability. To cap it all off, the video ends not only with box art for the game, but also a custom created Game Boy Color console. Man, we wish this were real...

You can check out Channy and Kimberly's other videos for some more incredible animation, including several Pokémon clips, a Breath of the Wild piece, and an anime intro for comedian Uncle Roger (fuiyooooh!).

What do you make of this hypothetical Game Boy Color version of Tears of the Kingdom? Share your thoughts in the comments below.