Super Mario Bros. Movie
Image: Nintendo, Illumination

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is out worldwide in select locations today and it's got us wondering when the community here on Nintendo Life plans to watch it.

While many of you are no doubt planning to see it right away, some fans may hold out a little longer, or even for the digital release. In fact, pre-orders for the film on DVD, Blu-ray and in 4K are available already...

And then there are other factors in play like possible spoilers which may already be circulating on YouTube and social media. So with all of this in mind, when do you plan to see the Mario Movie? Vote in our poll and give us your reason in the comments below.

When will you be watching the Mario Movie? (3,117 votes)

  1. Day one21%
  2. Week one29%
  3. Within the first month of release16%
  4. I might hold out for the digital release12%
  5. I'm waiting on the Blu-ray / DVD release5%
  6. I'm not sure yet...7%
  7. I'm not interested in watching it10%

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