A brand new advert for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has dropped.

We're just over two weeks from the launch of the next mainline Zelda title, and Nintendo is understandably ramping up coverage of this highly-anticipated game. The new commercial, titled 'You Can Do What?!', is all about the endless possibilities at your disposal thanks to Link's new abilities — Ultrahand, Fuse, Recall, and Ascend.

The commercial actually leaked a few weeks ago and was shared on Reddit, but the final product is actually a little bit different from what slipped through the cracks. A few new clips are shown off, and it's even a bit longer than the leaked footage.

Just in case you needed hyping up even more before 12th May, check out the trailer up top to see what new surprises are in store for you.

Are you ready for Tears of the Kingdom's launch in just over two weeks' time? Fuse your thoughts together in the comments.

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