Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Typhlosion
Image: Nintendo Life

Update [Fri 14th Apr, 2023 03:30 BST]:

This Tera Raid event is now officially live! Once again, you'll be able to catch this special Typhlosion between now and 16th of April. It will then be available between 21st April and 23rd April.

Original article [Mon 10th Apr, 2023 11:15 BST]:

We're really burning through these Tera Raid events for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet now, aren't we? The Pokémoin Company has revealed that the next 7-Star Tera Raid will be none other than Typhlosion, the final evolution of Pokémon Gold & Silver's Fire-type starter, Cyndaquil.

The details were shared on Twitter by Serebii, who revealed that Typhlosion will start popping up in 7-Star Tera Raids from 14th to 16th April, and then again from 21st to 23rd April. It will be a Ghost Tera Type, which is a nice nod to its Fire/Ghost-type Hisuian form in Legends: Arceus.

Typhlosion follows the Ditto Tera Raid, which ended yesterday (9th April). The last 7-Star Raid we got in Scarlet & Violet was Samurott, which was also preceded by Decidueye. That means all of Legends: Arceus' starters have been represented in Paldea's Tera Raids, albeit in their original final evolutions

We're due to get a repeat of the Walking Wake and Iron Leaves sometime this month too, alongside a brand new patch for Scarlet & Violet. Nothing further has been shared on either of these since they were announced back in March.

Are you ignited about Typhlosion? Let us know how your Tera Raiding in Paldea is going in the comments.

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