There's a celebration of Mario taking place right now with the launch of his new animated movie. As part of this, YouTube's Gaming division has joined in on the fun - releasing a video to highlight "over 100 billion views" of Mario-related content on the worldwide video platform.

Here's a quick breakdown of the many Mario milestones on YouTube:

- More speedruns of Mario are uploaded on YouTube than any other game series
- Over two million YouTube channels have uploaded Mario videos
- A new Mario video is uploaded on YouTube every 20 seconds
- Sixty percent of all Mario Maker views on YouTube come from Japan
- There are over two thousand channels dedicated to the Mario universe

A closer look at trends data reveals the original Super Mario Bros. is the "most viewed" Mario game on YouTube. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is considered the second and Super Mario Maker 2 is third on this list. US and Japan make up over 40% of Mario watchers on the platform and 2022 was the biggest year ever in terms of Super Mario uploads.

How many Mario videos do you think you've watched on YouTube over the years? Comment below.