Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Celes Chere Opera
Image: Square Enix

After months of silence, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is finally dropping on Switch on 19th April. And along with eShop listings for all six games in the series, we have a good idea of how much space all the games will take up on our SD cards. (Thanks, Nintendo Everything!)

While a lucky few have physical editions (and a rather expensive Anniversary Edition) coming their way, the Pixel Remaster series' digital versions can be bought as a bundle or downloaded individually on the eShop. And file sizes range from around 600 MB to just over 1 GB, depending on the game.

You might expect the games just get a tiny bit bigger with each sequel, but that's not necessarily the case. All of the file sizes (below) have been taken from the eShop in Europe, North America, and Japan. And remember, these are approximate for now — we won't know the actual size until the games are sitting on our Switch, ready to be played. Here's what the eShop says for the six games and the bundle:

The console versions of these previously PC and mobile-only versions of the classic games feature the ability to change between the original and the new reorchestrated soundtracks, change the default font to a pixel-based version, turn off random encounters, and adjust the amount of experience you can get in battle.

The Pixel Remasters drop on the eShop will launch at the same time worldwide — 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST on 19th April / 1am AEST / 1am NZST on 20th April.

Will you be dipping into these classic Final Fantasy games for the first time with the Pixel Remaster series? Which game are you most looking forward to playing? Let us know in the comments.