Cult of the Lamb's first free update of 2023 is landing next week on 24th April. Called Relics of the Old Faith, tons of new features will be introduced to the bloodthirsty roguelike.

Challenge is the name of the game here in Relics of the Old Faith, with a new Boss Rush mode and a permadeath mode to help get you acquainted with the taste of death. But new relics, such as ones that help you freeze time or gamble all or nothing for a strong attack (or bad results), and new attacks mean that you'll have plenty at your woolly arsenal.

There are new ways to help look after your adorable little cult, with Shared Shelters and a Kitchen that you can build at your base, and a lovely little photo mode to remember your cuddly friends before you send them off to fight for your cause.

Here's a rundown of what to expect from Devolver's press:

The glorious update will feature a brand-new post-game storyline in which a mysterious being asks you to conquer revamped crusades, enemies and bosses with the help of Relics; usable items that bestow unique effects upon the Lamb, enhancing combat in a multitude of different ways. Conduct Sermons to unlock new Relics and keep track of them in the Relic Book as you uncover mysterious new lore concerning "The Three Ducks."

Combat improvements also come in the form of Heavy Attacks, which enable the Lamb to embark on deeper and more challenging expeditions than ever before. Players will need to combine all of their new skills to take on tougher enemies boasting beefier attacks.

Growing a cult isn’t just about defeating enemies and converting non-believers, however, so Relics of the Old Faith also heralds a host of new content to ensure a happy commune. Assign a Follower to do the meal prep for you in the Kitchen, cooking up to 30 meals for your hungry flock, and solve their sleeping problems with Shared Shelters that house up to 3 Followers. As your Cult continues to grow, you’ll need a nice new Crypt to store the mounting corpses, but keep things looking pretty with Farm Plot Signs that use the Lamb’s powers of suggestion to encourage Followers to organize their crops.

Followers will continue to evolve into new and unusual forms following the update, including badgers, penguins, racoons and more, and proud Cult Leaders can preserve their treasured memories forever with the new Photo Mode.

Massive Monster's addictive roguelike is already a hit with us, and with multiple improvements being made to the game since its release, this new update is sure to bring us back to the cult.

Will you be returning to Cult of the Lamb next week? Sacrifice your thoughts to us in the comments.