Cult Of The Lamb
Image: Massive Monster

Massive Monster, the Australian studio behind runaway indie success Cult of the Lamb, have been hard at work making updates, patches, and quality of life improvements to the game since its release in 2022.

Earlier this week, they released an update that made several changes to the game, allowing players to perform mass blessings, auto cook and fish, and rename their cult. Back in December, they teased a free "major content update" in early 2023 — and we've finally got a look at what it entails.

The update, which is called Relics of the Old Faith, will include a ton of new features and content for the game when it comes out some time in early 2023. Among the promised changes are:

  • Deeper combat
  • Better replayability
  • New endgame content
  • New dungeons
  • New combat moves (including heavy attacks)
  • New enemies
  • More accessibility settings
  • Secrets
Cult Of The Lamb roadmap
Image: Massive Monster

Massive Monster also published a roadmap, showing their plans for the next content expansion after Relics of the Old Faith, which will include a "focus on cult depth", new story elements, more customisation, and even more accessibility settings. The second wave of content is due in mid 2023.