Last year, we covered Warside, a turn-based tactics game which sees you command a cute little pixelated army, which is due to come to Switch in 2023. It gave us major Advance Wars vibes. And today, developer Lavabird Games is finally launching the game's Kickstarter today!

Looking to capture the spirit of the classic turn-based tactics genre so popular with Intelligent Systems' series and "evolve" it further. Tactics fans have really been spoilt for choice over the last 12 months, from strategy RPGs to even the return of Advance Wars coming in April. But that hasn't deterred Lavabird. If anything, it's spurred them on, as per the press release:

"I think Warside has a strong offering. We're cross-platform and can reach a wide audience. We've got fresh content rather than a campaign that people have played before. We've also gone for a retro pixel art style that we know fans of the genre love."

In terms of changes, Lavabird Games is developing a game with "a deliberate bias towards action" in a system it's calling "action TBT" — fast-paced tactical combat. SRPGS and tactics games often have a tendency to be a little slower pace, so Lavabird Games wants to change that up.

Every faction will have what's called an "anti-stalemate unit", which can disrupt formations in multiple different ways. There's a Rhino combat bulldozer and a Rocket Bike, but there will be many other ways to exploit the frontlines.

Air units, while able to avoid any blocks, will have their own defence mechanics that differ from ground units, and you won't be able to spend all funds every single turn — you'll need to prioritise the correct counter-units more.

There's a wide variety of infantry units available, and they have their own "dedicated production facility" in the Barracks. And while multiple play styles will need to be employed with different Commanders, there will also be faction-specific units that complement each Commander.

So it's jam-packed full of stuff, but here's a run-down of all of the key features of the game:

- Intuitive turn-based gameplay with a familiar feel for fans of the classics.
- 12 playable Commanders, each with unique passive skills and Battle Powers.
- Control 20+ unit types. Simultaneously battle over land, air, and sea with ground forces, aircraft, and naval units.
- Faction-unique units with mechanics specific to each faction.
- Single-player campaign with over 30 missions.
- Forest, desert and snow biomes, plus indoor close-quarters missions.
- Challenge friends and foes with multiplayer battles. Local and internet play are supported.
- Design your own maps with the built-in mission editor for both single and multiplayer.

If you're interested in Warside, head on over to the game's Kickstarter page to get a good look and the work and the inspirations behind it.

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