The Outbound Ghost
Image: Digerati

Conradical Games, the developer behind last year's Paper Mario-like The Outbound Ghost has countersued the game's publisher, Digerati, in an ongoing legal dispute regarding the game's launch.

The 2.5D RPG was released in December 2022 to lukewarm reviews. Following a series of accusations made by the developer against the publisher, Conradical Games issued a copyright strike on its own title in February 2023, with Digerati refuting all Conradical's statements.

This situation escalated to Digerati formally opening a lawsuit against the developer, with Conradical now countersuing.

Conrad Grindheim, the game's lead developer, posted a video to the Conradical Games YouTube channel (below) in which he explains the intent behind the continued legal action. The full details of Conradical's counterclaims — in which the developer accuses Digerati of withholding revenue information as well as releasing an untested version game without consent amongst other allegations — have been published online and can be found here.

Meanwhile, Conradical Games has announced its next project, Soul Stalker, which it intends to release while The Outbound Ghost's legal battle continues.

We have reached out to Digerati for comment. We will be sure to keep you all updated as we hear more information.

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