Ash's Goodra
Image: The Pokémon Company

Update [Sun 5th Mar, 2023 03:45 GMT]:

In addition to Goodra, it seems Lapras will be making its way to Pokémon Unite in April. When we hear more, we'll let you know.

Original story [Fri 3rd Mar, 2023 06:55 GMT]:

Following the news earlier this week that the Sword legendary Zacian would be joining Pokémon Unite, it's now been revealed Goodra will be added to the game on 16th March. This pocket monster made its debut in the sixth generation and takes on the role of a 'Melee Defender' in Unite.

It's part of the rumoured leaks, which also suggested Chandelure, Tropius, and Inteleon would be added to the line up (@ElChicoEevee via The Gamer).

On a somewhat related note, a hotfix is also being applied after an issue with the new playable Pokémon was identified:

If you do find yourself playing this free-to-play offering any time soon, be sure to check out the latest Boss Rush event, where you can use the gift code 'POKEMONDAY' to redeem a free Zacian Boost Emblem, with some useful effects in battle.

Have you tried out Unite on Switch or mobile yet? What do you think of this next fighter? Comment below.