Super Mario World Box Art
Image: Nintendo

The Nintendo Gigaleak has delivered once again. A prototype map from Super Mario World (that was found in the Gigaleak) has been fixed, and we can see what could've been for the first time ever.

MrTalida shared the world of Super Mario World hacker and researcher codfish1002, who has fixed up the corrupted graphics and data of Map-B from the SNES title. This map was originally developed in 1989, back when Nintendo was working on the game.

Now, we're all familiar with the map of Super Mario World and the individual sections for Yoshi's Island, Donut Plains, Vanilla Dome, and so on. But Map-B was much closer in style to Super Mario Bros. 3's layout, with numbers representing the levels rather than the big glowing dots we associate with the SNES game.

Map-B is, amusingly, shaped like a mushroom, and there are a few little things that we can spot on the island that made it into Super Mario World. The trees surrounding the castle look a little bit like the trees in Forest of Illusion, and the mounds with eyes that are on Yoshi's Island surround level 1.

The map itself doesn't reveal anything other than what it looks like. MrTalida clarifies on Twitter that (to his understanding) the map is "purely a graphics layout file", and there's no level data inside it.

It's an incredible discovery and a hugely important recreation. Huge thanks to codfish1002 for fixing up this piece of history, and to MrTalida for sharing it online for the world to see.

What do you think of the prototype? Grab Yoshi and ride on down to the comments to let us know.