Streets of Rage 4
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Publsher Dotemu has announced that a massive new update for Streets of Rage 4 is now live, adding in over 300 in-game improvements. Phew!

To celebrate, the game is also currently 50% on the Switch eShop, so you can grab it for the low price of £11.24 / $12.49.

The patch notes for this one are incredibly extensive, so let's dive right into it...


  • Added some destroyable to help to maintain the combo counter

Combo counter:

  • Added a half second to disappear
  • Stage transitions have a bonus time to not break the combo counter

Added Custom Survival Mode:

  • Players can tweak his/her survival experience with a variety of options.

Mania +:

  • Added Cursed arcades in Mania+ difficulty.
  • Added special reinforcements during boss battles.
  • Added One life.
  • The score to get an extra life is higher in the arcade mode.

Added coop attack:

  • Hold 'Pick up' and grab your partner to throw him.
  • Airborne player can press a special button to perform a unique attack.

All characters:

  • Lots of reduced hit stop
  • All charged attacks and normal combo last hits can hit multiple enemies after the first active frames even if an enemy is hit
  • Fixed a bug where some wall bounces could do no damage
  • Increased stun on air-down attacks
  • Throws will hit the other enemies close to the player with more consistency


  • Air down attack has a slightly bigger hitbox.
  • Dragon crush has a bigger hitbox.
  • Dragon crush added air control.
  • Dragon crush travels farther.
  • Dragon crush launches higher.
  • Dragon crush leaves a fire area on the landing.
  • Dragon bites better recover.
  • Dragon bite life cost reduced.
  • Dragon bite damage increased.
  • Dragon bite has more active frames.
  • Dragon bite has less freeze.
  • Grand upper increased invincibility time.
  • Grand upper does more damage.
  • Grand upper hits can hit multiple enemies.
  • Dragon dive last hit improved hitbox.
  • Dragon dive can turn for the last hit.
  • Dragon dive has longer active frames.
  • Dragon dive has less freeze.
  • Dragon Upper has slight air control, a better hitbox, hits off the ground, recovery is invincible, and less freeze.
  • Dragon burst's tornado has a bigger hitbox.
  • Charge attack recovers faster.
  • Last combo kick recovers faster and the hitbox stays active longer after impact.
  • Default defensive special has more depth.

Blaze Fielding (SOR4):

  • Hienzan ignores weight.
  • Hienzan life cost reduced.
  • Rekkaken has 2 more invincible frames.
  • Rekkaken juggle properties reworked (fewer infinite).
  • Rekkaken does less damage.
  • Shin Hishousouzan ignores weight.
  • Shin Hishousouzan recovery time was reduced.
  • Shin Hishousouzan better hitbox and depth.
  • Shin Hishousouzan life cost was reduced.
  • Shin Hishousouzan hitstop time reduced.
  • Uraken Uchi damage buff.
  • Uraken Uchi longer active frames.
  • Uraken Uchi life cost reduced.
  • Uraken Uchi has better range and depth.
  • Shin kikoushou has better damage and depth.
  • Back attack hitbox extended upward.

Cherry Hunter (SOR4):

  • Soundcheck hits sooner
  • Special stage effects don't knock down on the first hit
  • Special stage effects first hit has a small ground bounce
  • Sommersault life cost reduced
  • Sommersault is now fully invincible
  • Sommersault has a deeper hitbox
  • Both blitzes can be canceled by air special
  • Cherry is now more vulnerable when on top of an enemy
  • Default air special does more damage
  • Alt air special damage rescaled (actual hit does more damage and fire pool does less damage)

Floyd Iraia (SOR4):

  • Walk speed increased.
  • Harder for enemies to escape Floyd's throws and throw combos.
  • jab range increased.
  • Combo damage increased.
  • Combo's last punch launches higher and farther with better wall-bounce, and better recovery.
  • Charge attack damage increased.
  • Charge attack launches higher and farther with better wall bounce.
  • Charge attack has armor properties.
  • Charge attack better recovery.
  • Power slide added hit on the way down.
  • Power slide launches higher and closer to Floyd.
  • Throw bounce higher.
  • Throw wall bounce damage increased.
  • Throw hits the enemy at close range.
  • Throws do more damage.
  • Double-throw launches closer to Floyd.
  • Double-throw has a larger hitbox.
  • Double-throw breaks armor and invincibility.
  • Grab special launches higher.
  • Grab third punch slams the enemy on the ground.
  • Gatling punch is not invincible if whiffed.
  • More damage on the star move-back hit.
  • Alt defensive do not heal with bloodthirst.
  • Default blitz has some invincibility at the beginning.

Adam Hunter (SOR4):

  • Fixed a bug where you could do an air special with no life cost.
  • Alternate star move last hitbox is taller.
  • Last combo kick now has body-hit properties.
  • Specials cost reduced.
  • Added jump cancel after combo 3rd hit.
  • Extended combo 3rd hit hitbox toward body.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't perform special forward while grabbing from behind.
  • Added wall bounce damage on Howl Fang's 2nd hit.
  • Split fang ignores weight.
  • Split fang wall bounces higher.
  • Sword upper recovers faster.
  • Sword upper has less freeze.
  • Blitz hits OTG.
  • Blitz has a bigger hitbox.
  • Default air special is invincible and has a lower hitbox.
  • Default air special costs less.
  • Alt offensive special last hit has more depth.
  • Alt defensive more active frames, depth, and can hit multiple enemies.
  • Throws lower.
  • Charge attack has more depth.

Estel Aguirre (SOR4):

  • Combo damage increased.
  • Combo adjusted so it doesn't loop into itself.
  • Combo third punch pushes less and stuns more.
  • Combo 5th hit wall damage increased.
  • Charge attack cannot be linked with itself.
  • Charge attack damage buffed.
  • Charge attack can be canceled by a special move.
  • Back attack damage increased.
  • Boot mark damage increased.
  • Flying scythe damage increased.
  • Sucker punch damage increased.
  • Added FX to flying scythe.
  • Neutral jump attack better hitbox.
  • Grab neutral attack damage increased, better wall bounce, better recovery, longer active frames, and bigger hitbox.
  • Flashbang bigger hitbox, longer stun, and more active frames.
  • Air Flashbang stun duration increased, life cost decreased, added slight air control.
  • Fire grenade has a larger hitbox, launches higher, and added wall bounce.
  • Air Fire grenade damage increased, life cost decreased, added slight air control.
  • Surgical strike better hitbox, better juggle, spawned knife last longer.
  • Police tackle invincibility/duration increased and damage increased.
  • Police tackle aoe punch is the same for both few hits and several hits variation.
  • Player Estel's police call has blue cross airs.
  • Heel kick has more range.
  • Default blitz has less freeze.
  • Police call longer invincibility.
  • Alt air special does more damage.

Shiva (SOR4):

  • Final crash is faster, does more damage, and has less recovery, launch properties reworked.
  • Flying kick does less damage, has less invincibility, and has more recovery.
  • Spirit Palm has less invincibility and more recovery.
  • Back attack can be followed by a launching kick.
  • Air Senretsu ken has more recovery on the ground.
  • Alternate defensive special now launch standing enemies and has better OTG launch.
  • Shiva clone special moves do not heal with bloodthirst (Clone star move still does).
  • Default air down special has a larger and higher hitbox, and launches higher.

Max Thunder (SOR4):

  • Fixed the last hit of combo hitting twice, now has a proper ground slam.
  • Charge attack bigger hitbox.
  • Back attack infinite juggle fixed.
  • Vortex vacuum costs more health and vacuums less.
  • Spinning knuckle bomb lasts longer (additional hits), travels farther, and is more juggle-friendly.
  • Air thunder strike strikes 3 times in a line.
  • Default air special has better air control and a better hitbox.
  • Max Iron will end is more noticeable.
  • Max has 20% damage and speed increase under Iron Will star move.
  • Body Slam has better air control and recovery.
  • Clothes line has body hit.
  • Power slide, Spinning Knuckle Bomb, Thunder Tackle less hit stop.
  • Rolling grab deals low damage on its path, less invincibility.

SOR1 CHARACTERSAll SOR1 characters:

  • Added many wall bounces.
  • Invincibility lasts longer after a cop attack.
  • Cop attack hits the full screen.
  • Cop attack damage increased.
  • Adjusted move properties for more combos.
  • Faster jump start.
  • Added Charge attack.
  • Charge attacks have short invincibility.
  • Last combo hit and charge attack hitbox remains active after hitting so it can hit multiple enemies during active frames.

SOR1 Adam:[list]

  • Pummel elbow bounces enemy.
  • Alternative star move launches higher, bounces the enemy, and does more damage.
  • Back attack improved invincibility and hitbox.
  • Combo's last hit and Charge attack better hitbox.
  • [/olist]
    SOR1 Blaze:

    • Back attack added body hit properties.
    • Back attack improved hitbox.
    • Alternative star moves better hitbox.
    • Jump kick is faster.

    SOR1 AXEL:

    • Combo's last hit and Charge attack better hitbox.
    • Air attack improved hitbox.
    • Air attack slams on the ground.
    • Charged attack slams on the ground.


    • Alternative star move always sends flying forward.
    • Faster walk speed.
    • Headbutt is now invincible.
    • Dragon Dash Blow does more damage.
    • Spinning Dragon Upper has less recovery.
    • Spinning Dragon Upper better wall bounce.
    • Dragon smash's last hit is invincible and has a better hitbox.
    • Spinning kick juggles better.
    • Dragon blow life cost reduced.
    • Jumping kick is faster and has a better hitbox.
    • Star move wall bounce only on the last hit.
    • Default offensive has better juggle properties.
    • Default star move has less recovery.
    • Alt defensive has more depth.
    • Alt Star move not being invincible to bottles and other star moves fixed.

    SOR2 Blaze:

    • Back attack removed ground slam.
    • Blitz added one hit on the way up and slam the property to the last hit.
    • Blitz travels farther.
    • Blitz removed the wall bounce.
    • Alternate blitz better hitbox.
    • Alternate defensive special better hitbox and can hit multiple enemies.
    • Aerial grab added air control, damage rescaled, and bounces off enemies infinitely.
    • Kikou shou is faster and has an improved hitbox.
    • Slam throw slams opponent for real.
    • Alternate star move gives 2 seconds of invincibility.

    SOR2 Max:

    • Throws do more damage.
    • Sliding tackle freeze time is reduced and slides farther.
    • Power chop damage increased and has less recovery.
    • Rolling grab is invincible during the rolling part.
    • Chokehold is now cancellable by special moves and blitz.
    • Spinning knuckle bomb has more depth.
    • Alternate defensive special does more damage, costs less HP but launches lower when it hits an airborne enemy.

    SOR2 Skate:

    • Breakdance launches higher.
    • Back pummel reduced hit stop.
    • Back pummel can be interrupted by a jump.
    • Jump down attack can be followed up with a Jump kick.
    • Combo stuns more and does more damage.
    • Last combo hit launches closer to Skate.
    • Neutral grab attack launches closer to Skate.
    • Front pummel does more damage.
    • Charge attack does more damage.
    • Jab range increased.
    • Sommersault has better consistency in hitting both hits and improved hitboxes.
    • Cannonball does more damage and added air control.
    • Inline rush can be canceled sooner.
    • Vault throw launches farther, better wall bounce.
    • Jumping kick is faster and has a better hitbox.

    SOR3 CHARACTERS:All SOR3 characters:

    • All SOR3 characters (except Roo) jump higher.

    SOR3 Axel:

    • Charge attack does more damage.
    • Scissor Kicks better launch, improved hitbox, travels farther.
    • Improved recovery on Star moves.
    • Spinning body blow can hit off the ground, reworked juggle speed, added wall bounce.
    • Spinning body smash launches higher and closer to Axel, and does more damage.
    • Alternate Star move launches 3 projectiles with longer freeze and spawns a katana.
    • Dragon punch does more damage, improved hitbox and depth, and better launch properties.
    • Grab headbutt is invincible.
    • Better depth on dodge roll.

    SOR3 Blaze:

    • Chou reppa dan does more damage, improved launch, faster, added wall bounce.
    • Energy burst faster recovery and does more damage.
    • Alternative star move improved hitbox and launch properties.
    • Jumping kick is faster and has a better hitbox.
    • Alt blitz has less invincibility at the end.
    • Improved damage on default blitz and forward special.
    • Alternate forward special does more damage and ignores weight.
    • Better depth on dodge roll.

    SOR3 Skate:

    • Ground Roll blitz reworked - now it goes farther, oscillates, and hits only once.
    • Flying headbutt first hit relaunches higher and closer to Skate.
    • Spinning attack launches away from Skate, fixed wall bounce bug.
    • Skating fist fury hits multiple times and direction can be controlled, does more damage overall, and only has invincible frames for half the duration of the move.
    • Flash kick does more damage and launches higher.
    • Vault throw launches farther, does more damage, added wall bounce.
    • Better depth on dodge roll.

    SOR3 Zan:

    • Alternate blitz improved travel distance and launch.
    • Alternative offensive special reworked and added air control.
    • Alternative defensive special now hits during energy ball spawn, Spawned Energy ball does more damage.
    • The jumping attack is faster and has a better hitbox.
    • Default blitz travels farther and has better recovery.

    SOR3 Shiva:

    • Alternate Star move does more damage, the target is invincible during the move, and the last hitbox is bigger.
    • Alternate blitz does more damage, faster startup, and recovery, hitbox depth improved, launches higher, and can be done three times in a row by pressing the attack button.
    • Alternate neutral special launches higher and closer to Shiva, hitbox improved, does more damage, added air control.
    • Alternate forward special improved launch, does more damage.
    • Default forward special improved hitbox toward the back of the character.
    • Final crash does more damage.
    • Combo does more damage.
    • Default blitz less freeze and more invincibility.

    SOR3 Roo:

    • Offensive special juggles better.
    • Alternate offensive special does more damage, bounces enemies, and can be canceled into an air version that has slight air control.
    • Default air special does more damage, added air control, bounces enemies, and better hit consistency.
    • Earthquake startup is faster, last hit launches higher.
    • Jab infinite nerfed.
    • Spawned Bruce has the same palette as Roo.
    • Roo's vault is no longer invincible.
    • Roo default offensive special wall bounce only on the last hit.
    • Default blitz and offensive special drag enemies.
    • Last pummel hit is invincible.
    • Alt-defensive has better active frames and hitbox depth.
    • Bruce spawn has more life and better invincibility on the hop.


    • Removed armor during wake-up.

    Z and Z elite:

    • Master more weapons.

    Cherry boss:

    • Star move starts up slower


    • Signal enemies now scream before their slide and throw.


    • Slight damage buff.

    Survival buffs:

    • Glass cannon reduces defense by 60% instead of 100%.
    • Charged buffs are stronger.
    • Full of yourself is stronger.
    • Sharpen tool is stronger.
    • Allied Gold is stronger.
    • Allied Donovan masters more weapons.
    • Allied Galsia does the correct amount of damage with golden weapons.
    • Allied Cop has more life and his throw cannot be escaped.
    • Allied Mr. Y starts in an angry state and can juggle enemies with bullets.
    • Allied Stiletto attacks faster.
    • Allied Condor has more health, blocks less, and added wall bounce on hits.
    • Allied Sugar is armor during her headbutt preparation and has improved wall bounce.
    • Allied Steffie has a faster grenade throw rate (and the first grenade spawns instantly).
    • More healing pick-ups in survival mode at higher levels (so bloodthirst is not mandatory to reach high levels anymore).


    • Flames from fire buff are different from regular flames.
    • Elemental effects in survival are toned down.
    • Ball hazard reworked and re-tweaked always launches in the same direction as the ball's momentum.
    • Ball damage reduced for small hits.
    • Reduced Hole fall damage
    • Weapon throws are invincible and special cancelable.
    • Zan, Shiva 3&4, Roo can now activate bonus levels.
    • Improved Durian's hitbox
    • Shorter transition time going out of bonus stage 2: Stage 4 full combo is easier.
    • Shorter transition time going out of bonus stage 3: Stage 5 full combo is easier.
    • Shorter transition time going out of bonus stage 4: Stage 8 full combo is easier.
    • Smaller hitbox on fire and steam geyser.
    • Added hidden weapon in stage 6 tower first floor.
    • Big Chinese sword has more durability.
    • Dick enemy has less life.
    • Barney enemy has less life.
    • More heal pickup in Stage 3
    • Ruby has less life.
    • You need more scores to gain an extra life in mania plus.
    • Can follow up a special move by a neutral jump without frame loss.

    Will you be grabbing Streets of Rage 4 for half price? What do you make of this new update? Let us know with a comment down below.

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