Marvelous Europe has announced that Rune Factory 3 Special will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on September 5th, 2023.

Originally announced during the September 2022 Direct Showcase, the game is a remaster of the DS original from 2009. Marvelous Europe has also confirmed that physical editions of the game will be made available, with a standard edition priced at €39.99/£34.99 and a limited edition priced at €59.99 / £49.99. The latter will contain a 140-page A5 notebook, character stickers, Micah-themed pin badges, a woven patch, an A3 poster, plus access to the in-game “Swimsuit Mode”.

Here's some more information from Marvelous Europe:

In Rune Factory 3 Special players take on the role of Micah, a young man with the power to turn into a golden sheep-like monster known as a wooly. Rescued by a young woman after falling headfirst into the provincial town of Sharance, Micah awakens with no memories of his past and soon finds himself embroiled in a longstanding conflict between humans and monsters. Micah must work to build bridges between the races to restore peace, all while uncovering a shocking secret of his own.

Featuring brand new content including Newlywed Mode, a set of standalone adventures unlocked after marriage to each of the game's 11 eligible bachelorettes and a "Hell" difficulty level to challenge even veteran players.

Whether it's a first visit or a return to Sharance after a long time away, players can experience the unforgettable story of Rune Factory 3 with improved graphics and redesigned 3D character models.

Rune Factory 3 Special 2
Image: Marvelous Europe

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