You might remember in July of last year, designer and all-around tech wiz BigRig Creates managed to build the world's largest working DS using a TV and McDonald's touchpad. Well, just as the DS gradually evolved into the 3DS, BigRig has managed to give his creation a dimension-adding upgrade.

That's right, the world's largest DS has now become the world's largest 3DS.

There were a certain number of additions that were required of BigRig from his original build, namely, getting the huge device to run games in 3D. With a 3D TV and a unique mounting system consisting of various home supplies, this seems like it was quickly crossed off the list.

But what about the 3DS' other notable features? This wouldn't be an accurate build without a giant Circle Pad and central home button now, would it? Worry not, the upgrade incorporates these elements too. The Circle Pad is particularly impressive to us, utilising an old Android phone and a series of rubber bands to make the darn thing snap back into place just like it does on Nintendo's innovative little console.

What's more, this thing actually plays 3DS games. In the tweet above, you get a taste of the massive device running Mario Kart 7, Ocarina of Time 3D and Pokémon X, but we recommend checking out the full video at the top of this article for a detailed look at how the build plays many more titles.

Yep, it might lose some of the 3DS' portability, but we're kind of desperate to play this XXXL model all the same.

What 3DS game would you play first on the giant device? Let us know in the comments.