Update [Thu 23rd Mar, 2023 09:15 GMT]:

Another episode of the Resident Evil 4 anime has been uploaded, this time featuring Leon and Ashley requesting help from an old man to escape the infected villagers. As they await the completion of an escape vehicle, however, they find themselves in a bit of a bind...

Not the best episode, all told, but still amusing regardless!

Update [Wed 22nd Mar, 2023 12:15 GMT]:

The second episode of the bizarre Resident Evil 4 anime is now available and it's absolutely hilarious. It showcases the neverending struggle of saving Ashley from the prying hands of the Ganado. We remember it well.

Poor Leon...

Original Article [Mon 20th Mar, 2023 09:30 GMT]:

Although Switch owners won't be treated to the shiny new remake of Resident Evil 4 this coming Friday, that doesn't mean we can't appreciate some of the efforts Capcom is putting into the game's marketing campaign. After all, the pioneering action-survival horror first found its home on a Nintendo platform back in 2005 with the GameCube (and don't you forget it!).

Alongside the standard trailers and coverage that's been popping up over the past few months, Capcom has just released a new animated short based on the game, and it's... well, it's disturbing. Not overly disturbing in an oh-my-god-I-can't-sleep-at-night-now kind of way, but the cute art style mixed with the blantant violence in the latter portion of the video is certainly unsettling.

It's something you need to see to really appreciate it, so be sure to check out the animation in the video above. Capcom clearly states that this is 'episode 1', so our hope is that we'll be treated to some more animations featuring our favourite government agent and Las Plagas-infected villagers later this week.

What do you make of the Resident Evil 4 animation from Capcom? Will you be picking up the remake this week? Let us know with a comment.

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